2008 Deseret News Church Almanac (Paperback)

by Deseret News (Publisher), Deseret News (Publisher), Deseret News (Publisher)


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For members of the Church, no news is more important than news of the Church. The Church News Almanac is the only comprehensive account of the history of the Church, from the beginning to modern day.

Included in this year's almanac includes, for the first time, are full color pictures of the news of the Church for the past year of 2007, featuring the latest pictures of the reorganized First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve. This news section is expanded over past editions. In addition to an overview of the major events of Church history around the world, selections from LDS Church News articles are provided to give additional background to the significant events of the year. It's been 12 years since the First Presidency was last organized.

We've added color pictures. The 2008 edition also includes a thorough and insightful recounting of events of the Church in early-day Missouri, helping readers understand some of background that led to the trouble feelings of the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Much has been written about the Missouri era, but this is probably the most complete.

One new section is the histories section, which includes the history of the Church in every country where the Church is organized. This requires an exhaustive effort. We have membership figures up to the end of 2006, since the 2007 numbers are not yet available.

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