2009 LDS Library (DVD-ROM)

by Infobase Media


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Good product but orphaned?

by  Douglas  -   reviewed on  January 30, 2010

I think the software is great. It has everything I wanted. The only problem I see is that it appears that LDS Media is no longer supporting it since Deseret Book has purchased the rights. I don't see any evidence of further development or support. The LDS Media site says: "The LDS Library software product line was acquired by Deseret Book Company on Sept 3rd, 2009. At this time (Dec 2009) we are unsure of the future development and updates to the software. We will post any updates to this forum. We will continue to offer technical and customer support on past products as long as it is feasible." http://forum.ldsmedia.com/viewtopic.php?t=1073 There is nothing encouraging on Deseret Book's site about future development.

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