7-Piece Mini-Nativity Set (Nativity Set)

by Bella Crafts


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$3.95 List Price

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Looking for a special gift for the young ones on your list? this ultra-affordable nativity has color detailing and will start their nativity collection off right.

Product Details

  • Height:  1/2"

About the Author

great for quiet times

by  Joan  -   reviewed on  November 13, 2008

This set makes a great quiet time activity for young children. It gives them an opportunity to play with uplifting figures

So cute! A great stocking stuffer.

by  Cecily  -   reviewed on  November 25, 2008

So cute! This is a great stocking stuffer.

Don't Waste Your Money On This Nativity Set!

by  Jennifer  -   reviewed on  January 20, 2009

I expected this nativity set to be small, but did not expect it to be microscopically so. The figures are so tiny, you can barely see any detail, and the figures look more like tiny blobs. I bought 2 sets, one for my brother's family and one for my own children. I will not let my kids play with this, because the pieces are so small, they would surely lose them and my youngest child would probably swallow them. I guess a positive would be the pieces are so small there would be no trouble going down, so no worries about choking.

Great Gift for your Missionary

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  October 09, 2008

Sending six sons on a mission - five foreign - my challenge was always what to send for Christmas. A mini nativity was the perfect gift. It was the only gift that made it back home with the missionary. Not to mention the love of the Savior to them it conveyed at a time they most missed home.

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