Abinadi (Paperback)

by Heather B. Moore


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Raquel has a secret. As the daughter of one of King Noah’s priests, she enjoys a luxurious life and the admiration of powerful men. But her heart belongs to a commoner, a man with no earthly wealth but rich heavenly gifts. When King Noah demands that Raquel join his harem, she flees the only life she has known and marries her secret love. His name is Abinadi.

The couple finds abundant joy in their community of believers and in their firstborn son. But when the Lord calls Abinadi as His prophet, their faith is tested to the outermost limits. Abinadi’s commitment to the Lord requires them both to give their all — even unto death. Yet if Alma, the newest priest in King Noah’s court, chooses to overcome his troubled past and cleave unto the truth, their sacrifice may yield rich fruit.

With vivid detail and poignant emotion, this historical novel pulls readers into a fiery tale of love, courage, and faith that is difficult to put down and impossible to forget.

About the Author

HEATHER B. MOORE is the two-time Best of State and two-time Whitney Award winner for her historical fiction, the most recent being Esther the Queen. She is also the author of the nonfiction inspirational book Women of the Book of Mormon and the coauthor of Christ’s Gifts to Women with Angela Eschler. Heather is a columnist for Meridian Magazine on LDS topics.

Inspiring and personable

by  Alison  -   reviewed on  November 12, 2008

Abinadi as told by H.B. Moore is an artfully crafted story of hope, faith, love, loss, and the gospel that would rival almost any situation that you and I could face in this day and age. It was so easy to see myself in Ms. Moore’s portrayal of the high priest Alma, and in many other characters. I could see for the first time how so many pieces could have come together to work the miracles Heavenly Father needed for His people during that time period. It made me examine my own life a little more closely. No, I’ll never measure up to Abinadi but maybe, just maybe, I could learn to be a little better than I am by paying attention to more than just the fact that Abinadi gave his life for the gospel.

Excellent Story

by  Donna  -   reviewed on  February 07, 2009

Loved the Story of Abinadi and his life. The Story Line and Characters took me back in time and was well written to keep my interest and look forward to the next volume "Alma The Elder" Thank You for this great story.


by  Danyelle  -   reviewed on  May 25, 2010

This is the first book I've read by H. B. Moore and can I just say - Wow! She totally brought Abinadi's story to life for me. When I finished the book, I had a whole new understanding and respect for the work that great man did. I highly recommend it!

Original and very enjoyable story of one of God's greatest Book of Mormon prophets.

by  Jewel  -   reviewed on  November 12, 2008

This is a wonderful novel that really strengthened my love for the prophet, Abinadi. It also strengthened my testimony of the gospel and the knowledge that the Lord's work must go forth no matter what. Once I started this book I couldn't put it down. H.B. Moore has a great writing style and she gives a very fresh take on this amazing prophet. I'm definitely looking forward to the next book in the series.

Heather B. Moore has written another winner.

by  Anne  -   reviewed on  November 12, 2008

H. B. Moore's latest novel, Abinadi, is not only compelling reading from page one, but is also packed with excellent details of how life really was in those Book of Mormon days. Heather’s skills as a writer bring flavors of Eastern romance into an inspirational and edifying story. Every character is finely drawn, believable, and unforgettable—including the wicked King Noah. I highly recommend Abinadi as an engrossing read guaranteed to hover in the memory for a long time after the last page is turned. I feel like I’ve been to the ancient Americas, and absorbed the scent, scenes and sounds of historic events—an experience I thoroughly enjoyed.

Another Winner

by  LuAnn  -   reviewed on  December 04, 2008

H. B. Moore's new novel Abinadi brings us this Book of Mormon prophet like you've never considered him before. A young man with everything to lose, the sacrifice of Abinadi's life becomes even more poignant and meaningful than ever, and the story of Raquel is compelling, too. I highly recommend this book.

The Good and the Bad

by  Gary  -   reviewed on  March 27, 2009

Heather has created a compelling story which probably deserves a 4+ however her writing style really needs to improve. To many "to", "of", "with", ext. to much writing from the point of an observer, not enough portraying the thoughts and situations in the present and from the characters point of view, (feelings), hence barely a 2 on prose. Net result 3

A fresh and compelling approach

by  Stephanie  -   reviewed on  March 30, 2009

Making the prophet Abinadi a young father was a stroke of brilliance on H.B. Moore’s part; Abinadi’s sacrificing his life for his beliefs becomes that much more poignant when the reader has become acquainted with the young family he leaves behind when he obeys the call to teach the people of King Noah. But the novel is not depressing, despite Abinadi's martyrdom--it’s a powerful story of faith and hope. Moore is adept at characterization. Abinadi is well-drawn—likable, hardworking, and in love with the beautiful and brave Raquel, but fearing he’s beneath her notice. I appreciate how in her portrayal of Abinadi, Moore shows us his humanness. Abinadi doesn’t want to die a martyr. After he marries Raquel and their son is born, there’s nothing he’d like more than to continue on with that quiet life forever, but when the Lord calls, Abinadi has the faith to respond, no matter what the cost. Moore is highly skilled both at the technical aspects of writing fiction and at creating interesting and exciting stories. The pacing of the novel is excellent. The story never drags. The ending is satisfying, as Alma the Elder is shown carrying on the work Abinadi began. Abinadi is a thoroughly engaging novel, and I highly recommend it.

Heather Moore has taken a small but significant scripture story from the Book of Mormon and enlarged it to a rich scriptural novel.

by  Taffy  -   reviewed on  March 31, 2009

I was in bed reading and 3/4 of the way through Abinadi when I decided I should go to sleep. It's probably 11-11:30 PM, I thought to myself. I put the shut the book and looked at the clock. It was 1 AM. I couldn't put the book down! I needed to know what would happen to Abinadi, Raquel, and Alma. Heather Moore has taken a small but significant scripture story from the Book of Mormon and enlarged it to a rich scriptural novel. The story begins with a young Abinadi who has a small crush on a local girl who happens to be the daughter of a high priest in King Noah's court. King Noah is an adulterous, greedy whoremonger who bullies his court and people. He doesn't like being told he is sinning. He doesn't like being told he and his people must repent. And when Adinadi starts preaching about sin and repentance, King Noah doesn't like him. One of King Noah's high priests, Alma, learned the gospel while he was young. He struggles with what is right and wrong but gives in to the carnal temptations of the court. When Abinadi preaches to King Noah and his priests, Alma knows the prophet is speaking the truth and tries to stop his death. But King Noah will have both men killed. Alma must run for his life. Heather has added a couple of fillers for this lean scripture story. She filled out Abinadi's life with a mother, wife and baby. Abinadi's wife, Raquel, is the only child of a wealthy couple. Her father is Amulon, high priest to King Noah. There are also other religious leaders like Gideon, who have wives and families. Their fictional parts in the book help bring real emotion to the story. Heather's attention to detail is woven well throughout her book. Reading about the food, clothing, customs and ceremonies in Abinadi's time brought richness to her story. The historical details helped move the story along and make it realistic without taking me out of the story. Abinadi is a book everyone will want to buy for their personal libraries. A book that can be read again and again.

I love this book!

by  G.G.   -   reviewed on  July 04, 2010

Heather Moore is an astounding person. There is not just anyone who could take such a beloved figure as Abinadi from the Book of Mormon and fill him out into a believable character for whom you feel love and terrible sorrow. He had to have been an amazing man to have persisted with his mission from God at the peril of his life, and to continue persisting as he burned. His conversion of Alma (especially a wicked Alma as Moore demonstrates) was a major turning point in the Book of Mormon. All this is felt in Moore's writing. I especially appreciated all the loving detail she put into describing the daily life of the times. It pulled me right in. As for the previous reviewer's problem with the morality of this church book, King Noah and his priests were truly wicked. Wicked in the worst sense. It makes Abinadi's mission and success with Alma all the greater to understand how wicked they were. Moore's characters are not cartoons. They see, think, and feel. I personally believe that when she writes her historical books she has an angel on her shoulder. They are that real.

PG-13 reading

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  June 18, 2010

We were listening to this book on CD as a family on a road trip. When the author got to the point of describing how King Noah was threatening to rape his High Priest's daughter and also Alma's pleasure in losing his virtue to a harlot we turned it off. Not quite what I was expecting, nor what I want my children exposed to from a quasi church publication.

PG-13 Rated--Reader Beware!

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  July 28, 2014

Two thumbs down and highly disappointed! I bought this book for my 14 year old daughter to read... but after reading it for an afternoon, she gave it back to me with the explanation that she felt uncomfortable reading it. So, I started reading it myself. I was shocked beyond measure as my mind was filled with written descriptions of pornographic images and gutter level behavior by King Noah and his priests. How on earth Deseret Book can justify selling this kind of material under the guise of scriptural fiction is beyond me. Writing a book about the evil King Noah and his immoral life is one thing.... but writing a book where the images and behavior are intimately described is something else all together! How do written words that create pornographic or immoral images in the mind of the reader differ from actual pornography? The Spirit told my daughter that this book was not pleasing to the Lord... so she stopped reading it. I tossed this book it the trash bin so that my teenage sons would not have the chance to read it themselves. Reader beware!!!

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