Another Testament DVD (DVD)

by Cameron Trejo


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What the world needs now more than ever is 3 Nephi.

Filmed at the Copan Ruins in Honduras, filmmaker Cameron Trejo creates a Book of Mormon documentary featuring the sacred events of Jesus Christ's visit to ancient America as found in 3 Nephi. This one-hour documentary features gospel scholars and professors of ancient scripture who discuss and help interpret doctrinal accounts of Christ's ministry among the people of Nephi. Interviews include John W. Welch, Camille Fronk Olson, and Dennis R. Deaton. In addition, photographer Mark Mabry shares his unique insights and the spiritually-charged experiences that were felt upon recreating the events portrayed in 3 Nephi chapters 9 through 27.

Especially for Teachers: The DVD includes the Another Testament slide show, featuring the fine art photography of Mark Mabry. In addition, the main menu includes "Select Segments for Teaching." Both the slide show and the short segments are an ideal teaching supplement for any lesson about the resurrected Christ as recorded in the Book of Mormon.

About the Author

Very Powerful

by  DEJAH  -   reviewed on  October 12, 2009

These pictures are beautiful, but seeing how Mark advised the models and had them imagine they were able to touch Christ and how it must have felt to be healed by him was so powerful. This DVD is much longer than the first Reflections project DVD and includes narratives from 3 gospel scholars to provide more insight and background into the pictures. It is very moving and I'd recommend the book, DVD and CD for every home!

Missionary Tool for Every Member

by  Kathleen  -   reviewed on  March 30, 2010

This DVD was so well done. I was so moved and could see how you would feel like you could actually be in the presence of Christ as this film was being made. The pictures are amazing in both the DVD and the book. I highly recommend this for every member. It is a great missionary tool.

Amazing video

by  Mia  -   reviewed on  October 19, 2009

You cannot watch this dvd without feeling the Spirit of the Lord. I cried through the whole thing as I imagined how it would feel to be embraced by the Savior. The images looked so real that is seemed like they were really seeing the Savior. It was a beautiful reminder of what we will experience when He comes again to the earth. Absolutely beautiful!!!!

Missionary tool

by  Dale  -   reviewed on  August 12, 2013

We used Another Testament DVD at the end of our church tour on our mission in Illinois. Our church tour for inactive or less active members and investigators started with three sets of church library picture depicting the sequence of time from Adam & Eve to the book of Mormon stories to Christ ministry to the restoration to the present time. Showing the slide show portion of this DVD at the end really brings in the spirit. We experienced good success with this DVD incorporated at the end of our church tour.

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