Another Testament (Hardcover)

by Mark Mabry


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“Powerful images - more moving with each page.” — Mormon Times/Deseret News

The life-changing, earth-shaking events that transpired in 3 Nephi are a powerful witness of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This ancient record of Christ's ministry among his other sheep has been brought to life by photographer Mark Mabry.

From the brilliant coming of the resurrected Lord, to the purity of children encircled by angels, to the reverent bringing forth of the sacred plates by Nephi to the Savior, each of the forty-six photographs will take you back as if you were there among the people of Nephi worshiping the Savior.

Scriptural passages from 3 Nephi support each photograph, making this book an ideal teaching tool for families. In addition, Another Testament is the perfect companion book to Reflections of Christ — together they beautifully showcase what Latter-day Saints truly believe.

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  • Pages:  80

About the Author

Mark Mabry is best known for “Reflections of Christ,” the first-ever pictorial essay depicting events in the life of Jesus Christ. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Russian studies and a master’s degree in liberal studies with an emphasis in creative nonfiction from Arizona State University. Mark studied photography at The Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and currently works as creative director at The Blaze. He lives in Keller, Texas, with his wife, Tara, and their four children.


As the director, I had plenty of questions. How would the people respond to acting out something so sacred? Would there be enough emotion? Would I be able to connect with the people through a translator? Would the whole situation seem weird? Would the cameras be intimidating? Lights? Onlookers? Even if everything went well, would the view ultimately be able to connect with the art? I felt immense pressure to deliver something that felt authentic in spite of the unavoidable modern elements of the shoot. The task was daunting.

The first night of shooting was fairly unproductive and few of the images were useable. I felt that my fears were being confirmed. I wasn’t connecting with the volunteer actors, and they in turn weren’t connecting with the task at hand. The people were stiff as they approached Robert, who was portraying Christ. Kneeling looked painful and forced. I left the shoot that night terrified for the next morning when we were going to portray the initial descent of the Savior and the scene where the people had the chance to go up “one by one” to feel the prints in His hands and feet and side.

It sees as though there are always barriers when a special moment is to be had. For us, the barrier was getting over our knowledge that Robert was a man portraying Christ-he was not really Christ. We all needed to imagine him as a symbol of Christ, the same way we do when we weep in front of a sculpture of Him. How could the cast, crew, and I come to a mutual consensus that it was alright to imagine and portray this situation as being real?

The next morning our crew arrived on set about an hour before the cast. We were alone on the majestic and tragic temple ruins of the ancient Mayans. It was quiet. I retired to a spot around the corner from our set with the intent to pray for help on the shoot. But as I approached the prayer I instead began praying for confirmation that God was hearing my prayer and for the chance to feel the Holy Spirit and to know, of only for a moment, that the Son of God remembers my name. My prayer was answered.

When the cast arrived, I loved them immediately. I felt a change in me. The love was completely natural. We spoke about symbolism and imagination. I noticed tears in a few of their eyes. We were communicating! Norine, Robert’s wife, gave a tender example of how she would approach the Savior. Her uninhibited portrayal of a woman meeting the Lord was a sign to others in the cast and crew that it was alright to pretend and imagine for a little bit.

Trusting that the cast was feeling the same way as I was, I stepped back and motioned to them that it was their turn to portray this moment however they wished. The entire cast knelt on the stairs below the platform where Robert was standing. After about thirty seconds, a young man helped his wife to her feet. They approached Robert timidly, with a degree of self-consciousness. Once they were within about a five-foot radius of where Robert stood in his white robe, though, they seemed to forget all about the more than a hundred people watching. The wife examined and kissed Robert’s hand. Oteniel, the husband, began to weep and embraced Robert.

The scene continued for some time as nearly the whole group came forward “one by one,” letting go of embarrassment and experiencing an individual moment with Robert. The suspension of disbelief from each cast member transformed each photograph into a personal witness that He lives. The crew and I found ourselves longing for the chance to participate in the scene.


by  DeAnn  -   reviewed on  October 08, 2009

I skimmed through the pages at first and thought "this is nice". Then I read the introduction by Mark Mabry. That is definitely a MUST. After reading that and then slowly looking through the pictures again I felt transported there. For me it was a realization how the Savior takes time for individuals and not just groups. He truly does love us "one by one" and this book brought that home to me.


by  Customer  -   reviewed on  September 29, 2009

What a powerful experience it is to look through the inspired photography of the Savior and imagine the reality of those events in 3 Nephi. This book is beautiful and will leave you feeling closer to the Lord.

Jesus Christ our benefactor

by  Keith  -   reviewed on  October 22, 2013

Want to see how Christ feels about all of us? Want to see Christ cry? First read 3 Nephi Chapter 17, then watch this video. If you don't cry then you need to consider your own spirit.

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