At-a-Glance Plan of Salvation (Vinyl-Coated Chart)

by Richard Maher


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Plan of Salvation Laminated Bookmark/Study Guide.

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Awesome Bookmark

by  Rebecca  -   reviewed on  October 14, 2009

I love this bookmark. I gave it to my seminary students and here I am years later trying to track down some more for new members. It is the best and concise lesson on the plan of salvation. The visual is perfect and the scriptures on the back which pertain to the subject are the best. I wish we had these at our local Desert Book so I didn't have to pay shipping, but there is nothing better.

I wish it was wall-sized!

by  Diana  -   reviewed on  November 23, 2010

LOVE this book mark! I really need a wall sized mural! Does it come in a poster? This version of the Plan of Salvation is my favorite!

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