Beautiful World (CD)

by Justin Cash


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"Justin is a triple threat... great songwriter, guitarist, and singer." —Peter Breinholt

Shadow Mountain Records is excited to announce the debut album of talented guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Justin Cash. In this self-titled debut album, Justin pulls out all the stops to bring you an exciting and unique sound that will have you tapping your feet to the beat. Justin combines stunning vocals, smooth guitar riffs, and upbeat tempos to bring you original music on this new CD that is truly a breath of musical fresh air.

Justin calls his style of music “feel-good music”—a style that has grown out of his unsinkable personality and tendency to view the struggle of life through a lens of hope.

  1. Beautiful World
  2. Don't Worry, Be Happy
  3. If You Try
  4. God Only Made One of You
  5. Lose My Blues
  6. Rain, Rain
  7. Over the Rainbow
  8. Silver and Gold
  9. You and Me
  10. Going Down the Road
  11. Dove
  12. No Sorrow in Jesus

About the Author

Not your mother's LDS music!

by  Courtney  -   reviewed on  October 14, 2012

This is not your mom’s LDS musician. I’m not at all trying to knock the spiritual music that I grew up with, I belted it out while I cleaned the kitchen and still love to hear the old school type Mormon music. It will always hold a special place in my heart. Beautiful World is so different from that and I love it! I love it not just as spiritual or LDS music, but as just music. I feel just as content listening to him while having “dancing/cleaning time” with the kiddos as I do when we are on the way to church. When I was listening to his album I was reminded of everyone from Jason Mratz to The Beach Boys to Sting! While mostly rhythm and blues, I definitely heard a little Nashville flair thrown into mix. All of which I love, by the way. No techno however. For which, Justin, my family and I thank you :) ... For the rest of this review go to:

Great music!

by  Joyce  -   reviewed on  August 08, 2013

I really enjoyed listening to Justin and his amazing music, and the video is absolutely terrific. Don't let this one pass you by. Wonderful, uplifting, and fun. I hope we hear more from him soon.


by  Melinda  -   reviewed on  July 30, 2012

I love when I can find uplifiting music with an original sound! This has a bit of everything. My husband loved the guitar. Very nicely done. Something fantastic for my road trips!


by  Rachel  -   reviewed on  August 30, 2012

I have even seen Justin Perform in Colorado, I would recommend his beautiful music to anyone.

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