Bedtime and Naptime and Bedtime and Naptime: The Simple Joys of a Mom's Life (Hardcover)

by Hilary Weeks


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It all started when Hilary Weeks decided to adapt the lyrics of the song "My Favorite Things" to capture her favorite things more accurately. High on the list of favorites came "bedtime and naptime," but those were soon followed by all kinds of quotes, experiences, memories, insights, and even some fun recipes. In this joyful book for moms, Hilary shares many of those favorite things, including her famed "song parodies" on an accompanying CD.

About the Author

Hilary Weeks grew up in a home filled with music. Born in Colorado and raised in Alaska, she began playing the piano at age eight and wrote her first song at age fourteen. Her first recorded song, “He Hears Me,” was featured on the 1993 EFY album, and from there Hilary quickly became a favorite in the inspirational music industry. She has released eight solo albums, has been featured on numerous compilation albums, and has been the recipient of multiple awards from the Faith Centered Music Association. Her most recent album, Every Step, reached #6 on the Top Current Contemporary Christian Billboard list. She also published her first book in 2009, Believe in What You’re Doing, Believe in Who You Are. Hilary and her husband, Tim, reside in Lehi, Utah, with their four daughters.

trully funny and inspiring

by  Dianna  -   reviewed on  July 27, 2011

hilary is a talent which has helped me through her inspirational songs for years. this book and cd are just what i needed for laughter and reminder of who i am ! a wonderful gift for yourself, for a friend for anyone !!


by  Customer  -   reviewed on  April 26, 2011

When Hilary came to our little town of Vernal in April of 2010, I became a HUGE fan. I pre-ordered this around Christmastime, and when it became available, I received mine. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the CD. I've put them on my iPod and when I'm cleaning house, I listen to it....I don't get discouraged!!! The book is great as well. It has a lot of little quotes that I just love and I like the design, layout and pictures. Thanks Hilary!!

Love this!

by  Joyce  -   reviewed on  March 30, 2011

Hillary Weeks is at her best in this charming book that celebrates motherhood! Plus a bonus CD with fun music and laughter. I would recommend this book to women of all ages.

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