Book of Mormon Replica, 1830 Edition (Hardcover)

by Herald House (Publisher)


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An exact facsimile reproduction of the first edition of the Book of Mormon, providing the authentic size, look and feel, and format of the original.

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by  Cherilyn  -   reviewed on  October 10, 2008

This above all is my favorite keepsake from my recent Church History tour. Whatever amount we may pay for it today, just like the precious cents people sacrificed for it in years past, is miniscule in comparison to the value of the truth within it and the work of many in ancient and latter days to bring us the fullness of the gospel as it is found in these pages.

An absolute must for everyone.

by  Michael  -   reviewed on  October 30, 2009

I received this as a gift while on a mission some years ago and I recommend everyone read this replica. I had read the Book of Mormon many times but never before had I felt the same spirit of it as I did when I read this replica. I was no longer trapped between each verse; I was reading it as it was written by Nephi, Alma, and Moroni. The stories were that much more real, as I read the accounts I could picture myself drawn into the ancient Americas. I heard King Benjamin's address to the people, it was no longer passages in scripture, but an actual event that I was able to partake in. Although the versus, chapter headings, and footnotes are excellent in studying and scripture chase. In order to really feel the spirit of the Book of Mormon I recommend this to anyone else who may feel trapped between the versus.

way to expensive

by  Joseph  -   reviewed on  October 08, 2008

great collecters book for any book of mormon lovers. The book it self gets five stars. it's funny cause joseph smith sold the original books for a couple pennys and here we can't even get a replica for under 20 bucks. I do really like the replica it's the same but in new condition.

An invaluable resource for the serious scholar

by  Michael  -   reviewed on  January 11, 2012

A great reproduction that provides an insight into the early beginnings of The Church and one, I believe, that will make an invaluable addition to the library of any serious scholar/researcher of The Book of Mormon.


by  Customer  -   reviewed on  September 09, 2010

I got a copy of this for my birthday (more likely I asked for it). Whether it is this edition or the edition the Church uses today, it is still the word of God just like the Bible as well as it was still translated through God's gift and power.

The Book Of Mormon I love most to read Home!

by  Hugo  -   reviewed on  January 05, 2009

This book is so great and lovely! It is the Book of Mormon that i love most to read at my home! Because the verses are not numbered and divided like the modern book of mormon have! I love also so much, so much that the chapters start right away, and not like the modern book of Mormon, that they explain a lot of words, before starting the chapter! I understand that the modern book of Mormon are good to read in the church or if you want to study deep the verses, but this replica is just the best to just enjoy read in the home, just let the pages pass like flying whit the time, without thinking numbers of verses or chapters information etc, so clean good to read, like a dream it self! I would love to have this kind of Replica Mormon Book in Spanish whit large print and a more soft leather bound whit bible pages, like the books of Easton Press or like the other soft leather bound books of the church!

Scripture becomes Literature

by  Heather  -   reviewed on  January 09, 2012

Verses make the scripture very manageable and are of great use in teaching situations, but reading the Book of Mormon as it was originally published, with only chapters, you get a real sense of the story within the book. It really reads like an amazing novel. This is a great way to renew your interest in the men and women who live and breath in the pages of holy scripture.

Totally LOVED this book!

by  Thomas  -   reviewed on  April 14, 2011

I LOVE this book!!!! It gives reading The Book of Mormon a whole new feel!! It's really not expensive... you can't put a price on The Word of God!!! I thought that it would cost WAY more than this. It really is amazing! It still is The Word of God just like the regular Book of Mormon! I loved this

Great reproduction

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  January 20, 2010

I love this book, the chapter format makes it easier to read than our modern Book of Mormon. I am a Civil War reenactor so I love to take this with me to reenactments. Joseph... day laborers during Joseph Smith's time made about 25¢-50¢ a day. A man might have earned only $10-$20 in a whole month. (30 years later, during the Civil War, Union soldiers only earned $13/mo, and Confederates earned $11/mo). $23 is not an unreasonable price for this book... you have to put it all in perspective.


by  Roseanna  -   reviewed on  April 07, 2010

I've never been able to read the Book of Mormon for very long with out being distracted because of all the foot notes and all the chapters and verses but edition was so different. I read 30 pages in one sitting and I just wanted to keep reading. I think this is a great tool when you want to read the Book of Mormon like a story. The newer versions are great if you are studying the scriptures and looking for cross references but if you just want to read the Book of Mormon this Edition is a must.

remindings of the blessings we recive

by  morgan  -   reviewed on  December 18, 2011

this is such a cool version of the book of mormon. it reminds you of all the hardships and things that happened back then. it really makes you appreciate all the blessings god bestows upon you. love,

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