It Came to Pass (Card Game)

by Covenant Communications


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Every point in your hand will count against you — like the wages of sin — so discard them as quickly as you can before someone says "Pass" and it's time for an accounting.

A Charity card is good; a Desolation card is bad . . . and watch out for Justice because someone is sure to feel its effects.

Get your hand ready, slide to the edge of your seat, and see if you dare to say, "PASS."

Comes in a colorful and convenient molded tin!

About the Author

COVENANT COMMUNICATIONS is an independent publisher of novels, nonfiction, music and spoken audio.

great game

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  September 23, 2008

I would agree with other reviewers, this is a fun game. It's a fun and enjoyable game to play with family or friends. The play of the game is a little difficult to get a hold of at first, but once you understand how everything works it's loads of fun.

Fun family game!

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  October 16, 2008

My family loves playing games and this one has been a hit for years. It's simple and easy to learn, but very entertaining.


by  Michelle  -   reviewed on  March 26, 2007

This is the number one game to play. I can play this for hours and never get bord with it. This is a must play game for everyone young and old. My family plays a ton of games because its what we do together. We have found no other game to even come close to how much fun this game is. This is, hands down, waaay funner then phase ten or any board/card game that we have come across. It is a must for every family.

This is an awsome game

by  nicole  -   reviewed on  October 03, 2008

I was intradused to this game by a friend. me and my husband and her and her husband would spend almost every weekend together playing. its one of the best card games i have ever played. it brought two familys together in a time where we both needed it and wenow have a strong lasting friendship. even though she lives across the country. We still laugh about the memerorys we shared

This is a good one!

by  Rachel  -   reviewed on  October 22, 2008

My sister brought this game down with her last time she visited us and it was a ton of fun! Sometimes you buy a game and findo ut it isn't too much fun-this one is! You can buy it and expect to play it pretty frequently!

Love it

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  October 17, 2008

I could play this game for hours with my brothers and sisters. It is very entertaining!

Most enjoyable LDS Card game ever!

by  Ray  -   reviewed on  January 04, 2010

My family played this game while on an airplane and were having so much fun that the passengers next to us and even 1 of the stewardesses wanted to know where they could get their hands on a deck. (A great missionary tool). We even made up an additional card (Gadianton robber card) which can steal a charity card from another player if they have one, but if you ask and they don't have one then the robber has to give that player one of his if he has one. Just a little extra twist which added some extra fun.

Excellent Family Game!

by  Alayn  -   reviewed on  July 15, 2010

We have owned and replaced this game several times because our family uses it so often and wears out the cards. All our kids from 5 and up join in the fun, and it is a favorite family night activity. Every LDS home should have this game!

Disappointing Card Quality

by  Aleksey  -   reviewed on  April 04, 2011

The game is A+ But the cards are kind of thin and look like they are going to wear out pretty soon especially on the corners. The design is very nice. The cards come in a tin box.The backs of the cards have a nice looking logo, which comes from Mayan culture.

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