Capture: A Book of Mormon Card Game (Game)

by Stephen Wood

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Capture: A Book of Mormon Card Game is a fast-paced, cardchanging,\r\rthrilling adventure. Be the first to collect Lehi\r\rand the brass plates, or Samuel the Lamanite on the walls of\r\rZarahemla. But don_ã_t blink! This game moves fast! Multiple\r\raction cards keep the game exciting as players struggle to\r\rcreate a moment from the Book of Mormon_ã”the first one to\r\rdo it wins! A fun game for the entire family.\r\r

  • Helps players become more familiar with Book of Mormon\r\rcharacters and events\r\r
  • Great for ages four and up\r\r
  • A perfect family night activity review of Capture by Ryan Morgenegg (Click Here)

About the Author

Looks to be fun BUT the instructions are difficult to understand.

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  December 23, 2010

This looks like, and probably is, a fun card game for young children. However the instructions were very difficult to understand - after trying for over 30 minutes we finally gave up. I thought I was a game savvy person but these directions left me wondering. If you can comprehend them better than we could, I am sure you will have a lot more fun.

No strategy required, goes on forever

by  Sheri  -   reviewed on  December 06, 2010

We recently bought several lds games to try out and this is not our favorite one. The game was went on forever and was uneventful. The goal of the game changes each time a play immediate card is drawn (which happens often) so there is no way to strategize. The winner is based purely on the luck of the draw at the right time. The artwork is cute but the game needs help to make it fun. Our kids that were playing were 10, 13 & 15 and they didn't really enjoy it. Maybe younger kids who can't strategize would like this but then there are so many rules (11 different specialty cards) they would need lots of help figuring it out.

Could someone show us how...???

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  January 22, 2011

I agree with those who've found the instructions hard to follow... We've been trying to figure them out and wish somehow a little "trailer" were provided somewhere so that we could see HOW it's played... Help, anyone? Thanks!

Great couples game

by  Monica  -   reviewed on  March 24, 2011

We played this the other week with another couple. It was way fun and entertaining to play. I don't know why the other reviews said that the instructions were hard to understand. We were able to play within 5 min of opening the box. It was one of the best LDS games we have ever played.


by  Customer  -   reviewed on  December 23, 2010

This game was awesome and I loved playing it. The yellow specialty cards keep the game fun and fast moving. I also like how the goal is always changing. There's definitely strategy to winning, but as with the best games, there is also a little luck involved.

Alot of fun

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  December 23, 2010

This game has been really fun to play and just as easy to understand. It is easy to play with young children and older children and adults each have found their own strategies to winning the game, even though part of the fun of the game is that there is chance involved. A+

Love this game!

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  March 26, 2011

I've played this game many times I love the ease of play and the colorful cards. The way the goal cards are always changing is great and makes the game so fun! I've learned to hold back some cards in my hand and play them at strategic times to help me win. More like this please.

Instructions sucked

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  January 02, 2012

My son got this game for Christmas and we couldn't figure out how to play it. The instructions made no sense and we ended up not playing. Seems like from the reviews we weren't the only ones with this problem.

Easy Instructions

by  Stephen  -   reviewed on  February 05, 2012

So I created Capture and I’m sorry the instructions are difficult to understand. Hopefully this helps. 1. Pick up 2 cards 2. Play 2 cards a. Yellow cards are discarded after played b. The Red, Blue and Green cards are played face up 3. To win, match your played, face up Red, Yellow or Green cards to the pictures on the Big, gray backed Goal cards 4. Most of the Yellow cards mix up the played, face up Red, Blue and/or Green cards. 5. The Yellow “Play Immediately” card has only one purpose, to change the Goal card. It has no other function and so it doesn’t count as a card you pick up or play. You simply play it and then replace it with a new card.

Fun but had to change some things

by  Joseph  -   reviewed on  September 02, 2012

This card game was a little difficult the first few times playing it. The problem we found was that there are a lot more action cards than character, item, and city cards. Players would end up with hands full of action cards almost all the time. We had played with only two players and thought maybe we needed more people but even with four players it continued to happen. It became very boring. So I took all the action cards and thinned their quantity out in each category and found that play became better and more fun. Players were able to play more character, item, and city cards. This game is fun, but I had to give it 4 stars because of having to manipulate the set to make it a better play.

need instructions for Promised Land game like you gave for Capture

by  Ralph  -   reviewed on  December 29, 2012

We haven't been able to play this game because the instructions are difficult to understand - most likely because we haven't played any of Stephen Wood's games before and this most likely would have helped. The game looked fun and we are looking forward to trying it out. Normally we don't have trouble with instructions, but people process information differently and it appears that we are in need of a little help. Would appreciate some help from anyone who has played the game or from Stephen himself (like he did for Capture).

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