Choke (Hardcover )

by Obert Skye


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“[Obert] Skye’s quick-paced, humorous adventure will keep kids of all ages reading this summer.” — Las Vegas Review Journal

Beck Phillips has spent his time since the dragon pillage of Kingsplot inflating a huge weather balloon inside a tiny building, exploring all the forbidden rooms in the manor, and showing his natural propensity to act first and think later.

But, he is a Pillage and dragons are part of his heritage. Try as he might, he can't ignore their obvious lure. Confronted with conflicting stories from adults who claim to know what's best for him, Beck retrieves the last dragon egg in existence and takes it to a mountainside cave to hatch.

Kate should be jealous when Beck becomes too attached to the dragon queen Lizzy, yet she too is irresistibly drawn in. When Lizzy starts her own rampage, Beck realizes he can't let the devastation happen again. Will he, once and for all, be able to change the course of events his family curse has destined for him?

In this exhilarating sequel to Pillage, Beck must use his natural ingenuity to sort out who can be trusted and who can't, before it's too late.

Table of Contents
1. Under Great Pressure
2. Doing Alright
3. Really White Man
4. I'm Going Slightly Mad
5. It Is Late
6. In Just Seven Days
7. Don't Lose Your Head
8. Good Company
9. Blurred Vision
10. Rock It
11. Don't Stop Me
12. Life Is Pretty Real
13. Father to Son
14. Rain Must Fall
15. The White Queen
16. She Makes Me
17. Liar
18. Is This the World They Created?
19. Misfire
20. Action Right Now
21. Put Out the Fire
22. Waiting for the Hammer to Fall
23. Stone Cold Wacko
24. Keep Yourself Alive
25. The Dragon Attack
26. Another One Bites the Dust
27. Was It All Worth It?
28. Flash

Product Details

  • Size:  5½" x 7"
  • Pages:  327
  • Published:  2010
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About the Author

Obert Skye is the bestselling author of the Leven Thumps and Pillagy series. He is also the author of the comic novels, The Creature from My Closet. Obert lives in a constant state of wonder. He has a keen sense of smell and is the owner of a great deal of curiosity. For further information about Obert’s current whereabouts or state of mind, visit

Choke is AMAZING!

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  July 20, 2010

Choke was amazing. It had everything -- action, humor, even romance - in just the right doses. Choke was a a breath of fresh air. Seth M., Age 14

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