Christmas in the Old and New World (Large 14")

by Deseret Book Company


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$60.00 List Price

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Available late November 2009
Candles not included.

About the Author

DESERET BOOK COMPANY is committed to support the mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by providing scriptures, books, music, and other quality products that strengthen individuals, families, and our society.

Deseret Book is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deseret Management Corporation, the holding company for business firms owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Deseret Book is a profit-making Utah corporation.

Look for candles at Williams-Sonoma

by  Michelle  -   reviewed on  January 01, 2010

I do not own this particular triangle but I am familiar with it. Williams-Sonoma has smaller candles that go with some of their table placeholders. I would try them.

Not a happy customer!

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  September 03, 2010

I bought 20 of these!!!! Each box rattles with broken pieces! I bought them on sale, thankfully, but the shipping costs were outrageous. I was hoping it would be worth it, but I was terribly disappointed in the quality of the nativity. I had planned to give them to friends and neighbors for Christmas, but I would be EMBARASSED to give them away. Seriously!

Definitely NOT worth $60!

by  Shana  -   reviewed on  December 09, 2009

Just received this in the mail and I'm promptly sending it back. I was so excited for this to arrive and I am sorely disappointed. Very poor construction. The item arrived with several of the pieces broken off--they were only attached with a small amount of glue. Joseph literally had a dog's face. And I've searched everywhere for candles small enough to fit in the candle holders and they are non-exsistant. It is very tiny and poorly constructed. Maybe worth $15. Maybe! I also paid for 2-3 day priority mail and it took more than a week to arrive. What a shame! I've wanted one of these for years.

Not well made

by  Kimberly  -   reviewed on  December 28, 2009

This looks pretty. I bought three of these. One for my daughters and one for me. All three came with problems. There were several pieces that had fallen off during shipping. And one had the scripture printed upside down! I had given that one as a gave mine to my daughter instead. Very disappointed.


by  Customer  -   reviewed on  December 19, 2009

This is beautiful. The picture hardly does this justice. The only problem is ---- I can not find candles to fit this. I have looked everywhere. Wish it came with candles the correct size.

We're happy with it

by  Joy  -   reviewed on  January 06, 2010

I was sad that this nativity got such bad reviews, even though they were for valid reasons. Ours is the 14" and it arrived today. I actually think ours is pretty cute, and I think the picture is accurate. I bought it on sale and thought that was a fair price for it. (It's definitely not worth $60 because of the craftsmanship.) I live in Georgia and was very worried about the shipping, but to my surprise it arrived with only one little lamb knocked off. The animal legs are tiny, so that’s not surprising and a little super glue does wonders. The whole thing was slightly off center (probably happened during shipping) and it couldn’t turn without rubbing against one of the arches, but moving around the base a bit fixed that problem as well. Ok, so about the rest of the complaints . . . Some of the faces are a little funny. Joseph and a wise man look like rabbits more than dogs to me; the camel's face closely resembles a mouse with whiskers; and the sheep have red noses. But hey, artistic license, a little funny, but cute in an amusing way. Much of the wood is very light and soft (I think its balsa wood), but it survived shipping so I think it can handle sitting in a box for most of the year and being on a self out of the way of rough-housing boys and toddlers. The scripture is just a long sticker and mine wasn't stuck on in several places but I nudged it down and the wrinkles aren't noticeable. I’m not worried about the tiny candle holders since it looks fine if not better without them and I’d never want to light the candles next to a wood nativity anyway. The actual nativity is 10" at the top of the arch without the, um, fan thing at the top. The fan thing comes in pieces and you simply insert the blades into the center part and stick that on top of the metal pole. No instructions included but none were needed. If you actually live close to a Dessert Book, I’d say just ask to take it out of the box to check it before you buy it. Why did I give it four stars? Because, in spite of its flaws and the dangers of shipping, we still like it, we’re happy with the purchase, and we won’t be returning it.


by  m  -   reviewed on  January 02, 2010

I too was excited to see it in the catalog only to be disappointed when it arrived. The problem was that I had an authentic German Pyramid that my husband picked up in Germany Years before. (I find the candles for it at specialty German stores.) This one didn't even come close. The paint job was horrible and the construction was pathetic. I sent mine back. Not worth the 60 dollars. The difference was that this one was made in China.

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