Day of Rest (CD)

by Jericho Road


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After a break of several years Jericho Road is back, debuting\r\rits first-ever hymn album, Day of Rest. Abe, Justin, Bret, and\r\rDave have entertained audiences all over the world for years\r\rwith their infectious combination of rich harmony, smooth\r\rbeats, and uplifting messages. Now they demonstrate their\r\rmore reverent side, with beautiful arrangements of favorite\r\rhymns. Day of Rest features songs perfect for the Sabbath,\r\rincluding _ã–I Need Thee Every\r\rHour,_ã� and _ã–Beautiful Savior._ã� Invite the Spirit into your home\r\ranytime with these musical messages of faith and hope.

About the Author

Whether performing in front of 65,000 football fans at a halftime show or at a small chapel in Japan, Jericho Road continues doing what they do best—connecting with people of all faiths with great music. In 2001, Abe, Justin, Bret, and Dave started off singing as the “homeless guys” for Michael McLean’s Forgotten Carols. Since then, Jericho Road continues to be one of the most sought after groups in contemporary Christian music, performing at universities, community events, youth conferences, corporate shows, EFYs, and sporting events all around the world. The group’s sixth and latest album, Day of Rest (September 2010), is their first praise and sacred recording, with stunning arrangements of several hymns, including “Amazing Grace,” “Were You There,” and “It Is Well.” Their ability to talk about important gospel topics (and have fun) through popular music allows them to reach people from all walks of life with a universal Christian message of faith, hope, and charity.

It does not get any better than this

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  December 13, 2010

The word "Peace" comes to mind when I listen to Jericho Road music. Sometimes life can get crazy, there are trials, and things can bring you down. When I find myself losing hope, wondering what life is about, or just need a boost, I can always count on turning on their CD and I feel a calmness and a warm feeling enter my heart and mind and the rest of the day seems peaceful. They not only sing well together, do great on vocals, and actually live the life they sing about.

GREAT CD: Day of Rest :)

by  Angela  -   reviewed on  May 21, 2011

I Love this cd, it is beautiful ;) I love he lyrics & music!! :) It helps u to appreciate good music

Awesome voices!

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  September 07, 2010

This cd is amazing! I love all the voices of Jericho Road and how they harmonize. My favorite song on this cd is "Were You There". I would suggest this cd and any Jericho Road cd to anyone of all ages. It is very inspiring. It's a perfect cd to relax to on a Sunday morning or afternoon.

Absolutely beautiful!

by  Natasha  -   reviewed on  September 08, 2010

Absolutely beautiful!!!! The way they sing these hymns touches my soul! They sing them in a way where you can truly believe they feel what they sing! You can just feel their testimonies!

Great album for peaceful contemplation and reflection.

by  Zuriel  -   reviewed on  September 19, 2010

Friday night I had an opportunity to hear Jericho Road sing at Time Out for Women in Boise. I have their music since they began. Bought this album, brought it home and found it to be the best ever. The music choices are great and everything works. Wonderful for Sunday or any time one needs soothing, inspirational music. They are some of my favorites. Thanks, guys, for all you do and for your sweet testimonies.

Amazing vocals

by  Kimber  -   reviewed on  October 30, 2010

Soft, peaceful songs with amazing vocals. My new favorite CD! These guys are truly talented!

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