Discourses of Brigham Young (Paperback)

by John A. Widtsoe


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Those unfamiliar with the genius and personality of Brigham Young will find this volume a wonderful introduction to both the man and his message.

Excerpts from his many discourses have been arranged to show the coherent system of faith which he taught and which enabled him and those he led to triumph over great opposition in proclaiming the gospel and the building the kingdom.

Here are Brother Brigham's pronouncements on the personality of God, revelation, eternal progression, the last days, birth control, gaining a testimony, healing the sick, and missionary work.

These discourses are Brigham Young's witness to the existence of God, the divine mission of Jesus Christ, the restoration of the gospel in its fullness by Joseph Smith, and the possibility of securing happiness here and hereafter by obedience to the requirements of the gospel.

Product Details

  • Hardcover Published:  May 1993
  • Paperback Published:  February 1999
  • Pages:  497

About the Author

Very Strong Mind

by  Maximily  -   reviewed on  February 28, 2005

I really love president Young's teachings. During the months of my conversion his brilliant mind and very pratical way to live, gave me pure wisdom that I could never imagine. Eleven years later I can now very easily get my own copy and apreciate again with an uplifted mind and clarified undertanding. Thanks DB. Maximily Gomes - Brazil

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