The Doctrine and Covenants Made Easier Set (Hardcover)

Deluxe Edition Set

by David J. Ridges


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A beloved classic comes to life with this beautiful 2-volume family deluxe edition of the bestselling books by David J. Ridges. Featuring 30 full-color pieces of fine art and colored text to distinguish between scripture and commentary, this makes a thoughtful and timeless gift for family, friends, and teachers. Full of priceless doctrinal insights, these gorgeous volumes are sure to become treasured family keepsakes.

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  • Pages:  740
  • Size:  8.5" x 11"

About the Author

David J. Ridges has been teaching in the Church Educational System for 35 years and has been associate director and instructor at the Orem Institute of Religion adjacent to Utah Valley University. He has taught for several years at BYU Campus Education Week and Know Your Religion programs. He has also served as a curriculum writer for Sunday School and Seminary manuals.


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