Emma Smith: My Story (DVD)

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"Considerably better than most — if not all — of the recent LDS cinema."
—Jeff Vice, Deseret News

Her legacy is forever linked to that of her husband's, the Prophet Joseph Smith. But who really was Emma Hale Smith? Many years after the death of Joseph, Emma recounts to her daughter her experiences relating to the birth of Mormonism, from magnificent revelations to excruciating persecutions. Discover the remarkable life of an elect lady in Emma Smith - My Story.

Product Details

  • Running time:  98 minutes
  • Release date:  Sept. 30, 2008
  • Format:  Widescreen
  • Region:  All Regions
  • Subtitles:  Spanish
  • Closed Caption:  for the hearing impaired
  • Rating:  PG

About the Author

enjoyed watching this with my kids

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  September 09, 2008

I took my 4 kids (ages 3 to 11) to the theater to see this and we all enjoyed it very much. I like having the same cast as the Joseph Smith movie at the Joseph Smith Building.

Helpin Understand Emma

by  Joan  -   reviewed on  November 20, 2008

It is nice to see a movie that depicts Emma in a good light. She is a misunderstood woman in history.


by  Elaine  -   reviewed on  October 28, 2008

I took my Relief Society President and my friend to this birthday. It made the sisterhood between us grow even stronger. You should watch this movie with all your Sisters!

Thank you!

by  Laura  -   reviewed on  October 24, 2008

Thank you for telling Emaa's story. I think she has been misjudged in the past. I have an enormous respect for Emma and the trial she went through, while continuing to support Joseph and his work. She really is an "elect lady."

Excellent movie

by  Melissa  -   reviewed on  October 28, 2008

This film is beautifully done, and had such an impact on my life. I admire Emma for all she went through. The film tells us her life story through her remembrances with her daughter Julia, and lets us come to our own conclusions. It is truly not our place to judge anyone else, and the same holds true in this case. Though I was still left with questions at the end of the film, it created in desire to learn more for myself. I was given a glimpse of what it means to be an "elect lady." I highly recommend this film to anyone!

A beautiful glimpse into the life of Joseph and Emma.

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  October 15, 2008

I really enjoyed this film. It helped me to gain a better appreciation for the sacrifices made to help the gospel of Jesus Christ come forth. Emma suffered through so any trials and hard times, but she remained strong and faithful to her husband. I am grateful for her example.

truly an elect lady

by  Dianna  -   reviewed on  March 20, 2009

since I was a Beehive my thoughts have turned to whom Emma truly was. After study and searching within my heart I know Emma is an elect lady. her trials mostly her triumphs have left a tender mark in my life. This movie showing Emma telling her daughter Julia all about her life & experiences touched me in more ways then I felt this production would. I cried, laughed, enjoyed each moment. Katherine Nelson & Patricia Place portray Emma with amazing grace. This movie should be in each LDS home video library. Along with the movie about Prophet Joseph Smith. A wonderful gift idea.

I loved this movie!

by  Tracy  -   reviewed on  October 26, 2008

I saw this in the the DVD. This has given me many new insights into a woman who I already loved. I have a greater love and respect for her and highl recommend this to everyone.

An example to all

by  Minda A.  -   reviewed on  September 23, 2008

This is a fantastic telling of the life of Emma Smith. It shows the great faith and testimony she had in the restored gospel, as well as the great love and support she was to her husband Jospeh. Her faith, courage, strength and compassion are an example to all.

So inspirational!!!

by  Jenni  -   reviewed on  October 14, 2008

This movie was so inspirational my dad bought it for our family and watched it and I was so inspired to hear so much about Emma Smith's side of the story we all know the prophet Joseph Smith but it was interesting to watch and feel the spirit of this amazing woman of great faith she's inspiring me to be just like her! I would recommend to by it it's trully the best!

Enjoyable and touching.

by  Eddi  -   reviewed on  September 10, 2008

Our FHE group saw this and it was enjoyable and touching. Tastefully done and well-acted. One of the things we enjoyed, were the moments, off and on, that depicted Joseph and Emma acting like any one else, a married couple bantering with each other, not a holier-than-thou image, but normal, like the rest of us and it made them more real.

I'm glad to get to know her better.

by  Jennifer  -   reviewed on  October 03, 2008

I've always wondered about Emma Smith and some of her decisions. This movie gave great insight into the woman and I'm glad to get to know and understand her a little better.


by  krista  -   reviewed on  November 02, 2008

This is a wonderful movie. After seeing it I wanted to watch it again. I cried. It made me realize what Emma and her family went through. Wonderful!!

Beautiful....well done!

by  Wendy  -   reviewed on  April 08, 2010

Emma Smith was such an incredible woman. Her love and devotion to the gospel and her husband were amazing! After watching this story, it makes me want to learn more about Emma. She was such a great example to all of us, as she truly endured to the end. It is a beautiful love story!!

Satisfying, but not over done

by  Bobbi  -   reviewed on  November 17, 2008

I've always wished for a movie like this. I thought it was well done, without being overly dramatic. I learned quite a bit and thought the cast was chosen well.

An Elect Lady

by  Donna  -   reviewed on  October 26, 2008

For the first time, we hear about the Prophet's companion from her side of the incredible story. she was a strong support to her husband and to her family. She set the example and the bar very high.

Very enlightening

by  Donna  -   reviewed on  November 02, 2008

This movie is both inspiring and humbling. I really got an insight into the life of an elect lady that was devoted to the prophet and to her family. She so believed in prayer that she disobyed her father and prayed when her heart was in need of comfort from the lord. I believe that every lds woman should see this.

Love it!

by  Jennie  -   reviewed on  October 03, 2008

This story is very uplifting and remarkable! It tells the story of Emma from a good stand point! She was a remarkable lady who had to endure more than we do! I am so grateful that she was the first elect lady of the church! Her legacy will go on forever!


by  Customer  -   reviewed on  October 01, 2008

This is a touching movie.


by  Customer  -   reviewed on  September 30, 2008

What a great movie!


by  Kristin  -   reviewed on  November 13, 2008

This is one of the best movies i've seen. It gave me great respect for a great lady!

Great Movie

by  Cathy  -   reviewed on  September 09, 2008

Powerful! Her life; through her eyes, emotions.. a must view. Wonderfully portrayed. It is HER life, not Joseph's. Her heart was always with the saints & her beloved husband.

One of the best LDS films of all-time! Two thumbs way up!!

by  Michael  -   reviewed on  September 10, 2008

Finally, a film done by those with the same passion as members of the church who love Jesus Christ it does come across in the film. This is truly a long-awaited perspective from one of the most underrated yet most important central figures in church history. The cinematography, costumes and acting are all worthy of full honors and the recognition they deserve.

Very well made

by  Augusta Carr  -   reviewed on  November 01, 2008

movie is very well made and very informative. There are many people involved to make anything a success and Emma seemed to be the person who truly was a helpmate.

We Enjoyed This Movie...

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  September 28, 2008

I took my entire family to the theater to see this movie. We all enjoyed this movie. My children are still talking about this movie, and cannot wait to receive this movie on DVD. The theater was all sold out the night we went, so that should tell you something about this movie. It's a must have in your church DVD collection.

this movie is excellent!

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  September 17, 2008

This film helps you realize even more what a wonderful and strong person Emma Smith was. the movie is believable. The acting is professional, unlike some of the other "church" films.

Great Movie!!

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  September 18, 2008

I loved all the actors in the Joseph Smith movie showing in the Legacy Theater. I was excited to see the same actors in this movie. I just loved it. Can't wait to buy it.


by  Cory  -   reviewed on  September 19, 2008

Strength is what I see Emma Smith as. She is such a courage strong woman. This movie portrays her life so well.

A remarkable way to share her story

by  Jessica  -   reviewed on  October 01, 2008

Emma Smith has always been one of my heroes. I always thought she had to be amazing to handle all the trials and persecution sent her way with her head still held high. I was always appalled at some of the things people would say about her. I will admit, I was a little apprehensive about seeing this film, because I had heard so much that was negative about her history. But I was pleasantly surprised—not just surprised, but awe-struck with how well this film was created. It captures perfectly the life that Emma Hale Smith must have lived. I laughed and cried in this film because the director, actors and actresses, the screenwriter—everyone—really prepared the audience to feel as she might have felt. I came away learning things about her I didn’t know before, but more importantly, I came away learning things of a spiritual nature, which is especially rewarding considering the level so much of our entertainment has ended up these days. This is a film I would highly recommend anyone to see, whether your intention is to capture a true hold of history or just to watch a great film. It will capture your hearts.

Excellent Movie

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  October 17, 2008

My teenage daughter and I went to see this movie at the theater. We thoroughly enjoyed it. It was good to see things from Emma's perspective.

She was a great woman! Let the Lord judge!

by  Ann  -   reviewed on  October 26, 2008

Would any of us be able to honestly say that we could have gone through the terror, threats, hardships that this woman endured? This DVD portrays, in part, the meekness, humility and dedication Emma had in submitting her will to the will of the Lord and supporting her husband. We often read of these sufferings, but when they are portrayed so well, before our eyes, then the true message comes home, and wakes us up to our own complacency. There is not one weak part in this DVD; it is sensitive, moving, humorous, yet poignant. It certainly made me stop and think! Well done to actors, editors, producers and everyone! And, thank you!

A Better Look at Emma

by  Christa  -   reviewed on  October 09, 2008

This movie is really great but it is a lot like the Joseph Smith movie that is in some temple visitor's centers. It really helped me to think about all that Emma Smith had to go through. A very touching movie about Emma.

My friend did the music...

by  Tamara  -   reviewed on  October 12, 2008

My good friend Leslie did the music for this movie so I was excited to see it. That was the reason I watched it, however, once I saw the movie, I was so touched at the life of Emma. It really gave me insight and helped me see why Emma made the choices she did. What an amazing woman. Of course I have to say I loved the music also. :-)

Nicely done

by  Christine  -   reviewed on  October 14, 2008

I have watched this 2 times now. I enjoyed learning a few things about Emma that I did not know. I liked how they respected Joseph and his calling while showing Emma's emotions through all the trials.

Well written story of an elect lady.

by  Kathleen  -   reviewed on  November 06, 2008

I saw this movie at the theater this summer and enjoyed the outlook of Emma from her daughter. It is worth adding to your library.

A Must See!

by  Rachel  -   reviewed on  October 22, 2008

Wow. My only comlaint about this film is I cried pretty much the entire time. What a wonderful and touching look into Emma's life.

Get ready to cry!

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  October 17, 2008

What a tear jerker! It's nice to finally hear how it went for her side of the story. It broadened my eyes to her struggle, and I felt the struggles right along with the movie.

Wonderful movie!

by  Julie  -   reviewed on  October 30, 2008

I was so touched by this movie. I admire Emma so much. :)


by  Christie   -   reviewed on  October 30, 2008

I enjoyed this movie very much. Sometimes we forget about how hard it must have been for her too. This was well done.

Nice in-depth movie

by  Julie  -   reviewed on  November 17, 2008

This was really nice to see things from Emmas perspective.

A Little Disapointed

by  Tonya  -   reviewed on  November 03, 2008

If you have seen the wonderful movie Joseph you have seen this movie. It used clips from the Joseph movie all the way through which made up almost the entire movie. A little disapointing as i had been looking forward to this movie for a while, only to realise i had already seen it.


by  Christine  -   reviewed on  November 06, 2008

This is one of the most incredible movies I've seen. I was a little worried about what it might contain, but they did an incredible job show the life, worries, concerns and faith of Emma. It takes the opportunity to teach us from her experiences. This movie left me speechless.

Great woman

by  Travis  -   reviewed on  November 05, 2008

Great movie about a great woman.

A Well Told Story of A Woman of Faith

by  Debra  -   reviewed on  November 20, 2008

I looked forward with great anticipation to seeing "Emma Smith: My Story" and was not disappointed. Few movies have the power to transport us so completely into their world as this movie succeeds in doing. From the opening scenes, I felt as if I were a fly-on-the-wall in 1800's America, living alongside the early saints, getting an insider's peek at the life of the fascinating Emma Smith. I was impressed with the moviemaker's ability to craft and convey her story so well, giving the viewer an overall sense of the life and times of Emma Smith while also sharing some of the intriguing and sometimes very human details of her life. The themes of the movie -- seeking for gospel light and power, choosing faith over fear, and finding joy during difficult times among them -- were well chosen and truly compelling. The movie offers a visual feast with its period costumes, lovely settings, sumptuous lighting, and wonderful cinematography. I enjoyed the movie and feel inspired to learn more about Emma Smith through one or more of the biographies now available. This DVD would make a great gift, especially for sisters who love a story about a woman of great faith. -- Debra Sansing Woods, author of --Mothering with Spiritual Power: Book of Mormon Inspirations for Raising a Righteous Family--and--It's Okay to Take a Nap: and Other Reassuring Truths for Mothers Everywhere.


by  Charise  -   reviewed on  November 13, 2008

I enjoyed this movie a great deal. It gives an accurate review of Emma's life and the many struggles that she went through. Many people seem to have forgotten or possibly never knew the struggles Emma endured. This helped to clear the record a little and I really enjoyed the whole movie.

Emma is an example to us all

by  Kim  -   reviewed on  December 12, 2008

I thought it was fantastic that finally a movie was produced to convey Emma's side of the story. I believe we all could learn from Emma...she was very strong. I really enjoyed it and I esp appreciated the fact that the producer used the same characters to portray Joseph and Emma that have been used in other LDS documentaries. I think the actor/actress chosen to play Emma and Joseph are right on. Good work and well worth it to add to your DVD library.


by  Customer  -   reviewed on  April 04, 2010

I have always had a reverence for Emma. I can't imagine going through everything that she did. I've always disregarded comments from people who would discredit her. I never had the money to go see this movie, or to buy it. I was so grateful that they showed it right after conference was over. I'm not the type of person who likes to cry - but the tears wouldn't stop. This is such a good movie. I would recommend it to anyone - but especially to those who don't understand her role in this world. Elect Lady is the perfect title. She was/is amazing! & so is this movie! I can't wait to have enough money to purchase it! It would be my most prized movie I'll ever have!


by  Hunter  -   reviewed on  January 11, 2011

After experiencing (not just seeing) this inspiring film in a theatre I turned to my wife and said: "Who would have ever thought that we would have had such an inspirational experience in a commercial theatre?" After seeing this film when went downtown to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and watched JOSEPH SMITH: THE PROPHET OF THE RESTORATION again. Then the following week returned to the theatre to once more feel the beauty of EMMA SMITH: MY STORY. I have since bought the DVD, the Blu-ray and the CD of the beautiful score. I rank this film as one of my great spiritual film experiences. The Church film of JOSEPH SMITH is also on DVD.

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