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by Hilary Weeks


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Product Description

Writing and singing new songs for Every Step, has taken her all the way to Nashville where she recorded and produced the album with Tyler Castleton and many other wildly talented musicians.

If you're a Hilary Weeks fan, this is an album you won't want to ignore.

    Track List:
  • That's Who I Am
  • Find Me
  • Right Here
  • Beautiful Heartbreak
  • Living Proof
  • Stand Still
  • I Will
  • This Is Not Your Home
  • Dancing in the Rain
  • Past the Point
  • All My Days

About the Author

Hilary Weeks grew up in a home filled with music. Born in Colorado and raised in Alaska, she began playing the piano at age eight and wrote her first song at age fourteen. Her first recorded song, “He Hears Me,” was featured on the 1993 EFY album, and from there Hilary quickly became a favorite in the inspirational music industry. She has released eight solo albums, has been featured on numerous compilation albums, and has been the recipient of multiple awards from the Faith Centered Music Association. Her most recent album, Every Step, reached #6 on the Top Current Contemporary Christian Billboard list. She also published her first book in 2009, Believe in What You’re Doing, Believe in Who You Are. Hilary and her husband, Tim, reside in Lehi, Utah, with their four daughters.

Just for Me

by  DeAnn  -   reviewed on  October 26, 2011

I think some of these songs were written just for me. <i>Beautiful Heartbreak</i> and, <i>Dancing in the Rain,</i> I especially love (plus I really want a polka-dot umbrella now.)

Love it!!

by  Evelyn  -   reviewed on  October 24, 2011

Once again, Hilary has found a way to touch my heart and soul with her music. I loved this CD, and highly recommend it!

Great Job Hilary :)

by  Christen  -   reviewed on  October 21, 2011

Wonderful CD! Make sure you listen to "Dancing in the Rain." Probably my favorite Hilary Weeks song I've ever heard. :)

About time!

by  Stephanie  -   reviewed on  October 21, 2011

What took so long!?! I don't know how many times I put in a Hilary cd and thought, "Why isn't she on the radio?" Enjoyed every song!

Fun & Uplifting!

by  DD  -   reviewed on  October 24, 2011

This Album touches the heart and some songs even get you dancing...even "in the rain" :)

Amazing! Touching! Love it!

by  Heather  -   reviewed on  October 19, 2011

I was able to hear several of these songs at Time Out For Women and WOW! There are so many great songs! I can't wait to get the CD and listen in my home and car! Hilary is always so uplifting!

Touches your heart

by  EMILY & SHAUN  -   reviewed on  October 25, 2011

Hilary Weeks always has the best music and this cd is no exception!! Thank you Hilary for sharing your talent!!


by  Joyce  -   reviewed on  October 24, 2011

Hilary you have done it again. Written and performed wonderful music that "everyone" can listen to and enjoy!

Beautiful and Inspirational

by  Karin  -   reviewed on  October 26, 2011

This CD is so beautiful, honestly so inspirational, I love her music, and the fact that she wrote all of these songs is truly amazing.

Upbeat and Uplifting

by  Jennie  -   reviewed on  October 27, 2011

I have been listening to Hilary's music for over 14 years and with new each album she has continued to grow as an artist. This album is her best yet, hands down. These songs cover a wide range of topics and after listening you can't help but feel inspired, like you can go take on the world because you know the Lord is on your side and by your side. Once again Hilary has put words and music together that reach my soul and uplift my spirit.


by  Merrilee  -   reviewed on  October 24, 2011

Oh, the songs from this CD speak to my heart! I love, love, love them!!! I'm getting one for everybody I know. Thanks for putting to words and music what my spirit feels.


by  Lisa  -   reviewed on  October 27, 2011

After struggling with life in general for weeks, Hilary's HELP video ended up in my inbox. Watched and listened, and fell in love with the songs. After listen, I felt RENEWED, peace and assurance that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ knows all. Thank you Hilary for listening to the spirit. Your songs are proof. Can't wait for my CD to arrive. It's already my favorite.


by  Melinda  -   reviewed on  October 21, 2011

This is a grown up Hillary Weeks! Has a country feel to it. I really enjoyed the strength found in each and every song! One to listen to often!


by  Lori  -   reviewed on  October 26, 2011

Hilary touches my heart and my spirit with her music. It is as though she knows my story; my struggles and all I face in life. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent!! And for making a difference in my life through music.

Fresh, touching, fun, heartwarming

by  Nancy  -   reviewed on  October 25, 2011

Listened to several downloads, watched the youtube video, just ordered my hard copy CD. Can't wait to see Hilary at "Time Out for Women" November 18-19 in Salt Lake City. Love the direction Deseret Book, Shadow Mountain Records, Tyler Castleton, and all the LDS artists are heading. Modern for today's audience, but still grounded in their roots. Well done! Don't miss this one.

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