Family Night: Book of Mormon Lessons That Teach with Treats (Paperback)

by Cindy Pedersen, Val Chadwick Bagley


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What is everyone’s favorite part of family home evening? The treats, of course! And to help young children remember King Benjamin’s teachings, there’s nothing like King Benjamin’s Pink Pancake Tower. To show the faith of King Limhi’s people, some refreshing King Limhi’s Grape Escape Drink is just the ticket. And how about some Stripling Warrior Taffy to help your children remember the need to “pull together?” Each recipe includes a brief lesson as well as tips to help the whole family — young and not so young — learn and apply the teachings of the Book of Mormon to their own lives. So you can have your Abinadi’s Repentance Cupcakes and eat them, too! Remember, children learn better when you Teach with Treats! Newly updated with fresh interior art.

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