Finding Wholeness and Happiness after Divorce (Bookshelf eBook)

by A. Dean Byrd


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The statistics are alarming — in the world, in the Church, in temple marriages. Divorce is all too common today. In this new collection, a variety of mental health professionals and others present their Latter-day Saint perspectives on divorce and related issues. The book discusses women and divorce, men and divorce, children and divorce, dating again, blended families, remarriage, marriage counseling, and so on. All but one of the contributing authors can speak from personal experience about divorce. This book, which will help couples contemplating divorce and men and women who are working through divorce, offers guidance, ideas, comfort and gospel perspective for those struggling through the painful experience of divorce.

Product Details

  • Published:  May 2004
  • Pages:  256

About the Author

Best book on divorce available

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  September 07, 2005

This book was an invaluable resource to me after my divorce. I did wish it had more help for those trying to forgive a spouse, but for a book of this length I think it does a good job covering many topics of immediate concern to divorcees. I'd recommend it as a gift as well as a personal purchase.

The most helpful book I've found

by  Amanda  -   reviewed on  April 22, 2012

After five years of divorce, this is still the book I return to. It is packed full of helpful insights from a variety of contributors. Dr. Byrd did a wonderful job of finding the best people to share their experiences. Truly a source of hope, practical encouragement and solace. I would highly recommend it to anyone with LDS beliefs who is experiencing a divorce.

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