The First 100 Temples (Hardcover Book)

by Chad Hawkins


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In October 1998 President Gordon B. Hinckley announced that 'in all likelihood, we will have 100 or more temples operating in the year 2000.' Commemorating this season of unprecedented temple building, bestselling artist Chad S. Hawkins combines his unique drawings of temples throughout the world with historical summaries and inspirational stories about the first 100 temples.

Never before has one artist accomplished the monumental task of creating illustrations of so many different temples. Each drawing has incorporated Chad's signature 'hidden' images, representing an important event related to that particular temple. Numerous interviews and extensive research have resulted in a work that is informative and spiritually uplifting. Designed as a tribute to the sacrifice and commitment of those who labored to make temples 'dot the earth,' The First 100 Temples will be a cherished keepsake for generations to come.

About the Author

Chad Hawkins – Since 1989, Chad Hawkins has been one of the LDS church’s premier temple artists. He has published over 100 temple works art. His art career has taken him to six continents and nearly every temple. His art can be found within sixteen temple cornerstones and hanging on interior temple walls. The original work of his Vernal Temple was chosen to be on permanent display inside that edifice.

Wonderful book

by  Jairo  -   reviewed on  February 26, 2004

This is a great book with inspiring stories and wonderful illustrations. Definitely the author is a talented artist. , , (Jairo, Costa Rica)


by  Clayton  -   reviewed on  April 08, 2001

I have seen and read this book full of very good information on all of the first 100 temples drawn by Chad Hawkins. I would recommend it to everyone I see to look at all of the great talent and the remarkable hidden pictures placed with each drawing.

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