The First 2000 Years: From Adam to Abraham (Hardcover )

by W. Cleon Skousen


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The first 2,000 years of human history occupy only 36 pages of the Bible. This epoch was once shrouded in mystery and myth, but modern revelation now answers many difficult questions: Did the Patriarchs really live for hundreds of years? Why were pagan religions so seductive? When did the Great Flood occur? How did Enoch set up Zion and eliminate poverty and crime?

About the Author

Each of Mr. Skousen's books are bridges to Gospel understanding.

by  Douglas J.  -   reviewed on  November 09, 2002

Mr. Skousen's series of books allowed me, as a convert, to understand the 'truth' (or Gospel) of the LDS Church better than any other source beyond the scriptures themselves.

Great Book

by  Jill  -   reviewed on  October 16, 2008

Helps put the stories in the beginning of the Old Testament into perspective. Really helped me to keep track of the story line as I was studying and teaching the Old Testament

Love this book!

by  Jenn  -   reviewed on  June 25, 2007

In preparation for teaching the Old Testament in seminary this fall, I purchased this book. I am so grateful I did! Not only did it clarify my own personal questions, but I know I will be able to give my students a clearer understanding the Old Testament and help them see things from the Lord's eternal perspective.

Great Resource for the Old Testament

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  June 19, 2007

After completing this book I found it to be a wonderful resource and guide to the Old Testament. The author presents many interesting insights that leave the reader in a state of pondering. Further, his insights and teachings lead the reader to better appreciate and want to study the Old Testament. As difficult as the Old Testament may be the author is able to tackle this and present the reader with an easy to understand guide that is not only informative, but fascinating in the same instance. I would highly suggest this book for any who find the Old Testament a difficult reading, or any who enjoy the Old Testament in general. After reading the first book I am excited to continue on to the next.

Skousen is great

by  TJ  -   reviewed on  September 15, 2008

Skousen is a great writer, and a scholar, but I can't put too much stock in what he says. He uses logic to bridge the gaps in the scriptures, but, it seems more of speculation than inspiration. But, buy this book. It is a really good read, and will make you understand the Old Testament and Pearl of Great Price a lot better.

Deeper Understanding

by  Remy  -   reviewed on  October 06, 2013

There a few minor errors in the book, but overall I came away with a deeper understanding, respect and appreciation for the early patriarchs. I now have a greater desire to follow their example of righteousness and also become a better follower of Christ and a follower of righteousness and price of peace.

I'm with TJ

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  December 09, 2009

I think this book is excellent, but I find I have to read parts of it with a grain of salt, or rather, an appeal to the Spirit. I get this weird feeling that Skousen is trying too hard to allude to unrevealed mysteries. Much as I would recommend this book, I would encourage readers to remember that Skousen is a scholar, not a prophet.

Helpful to youth too!

by  Samuel  -   reviewed on  December 13, 2011

I read this book in 2002 when I was 15 years of age. Though I don't remember the details of the book, I do remember that it motivated me to understand the scriptures better and to a large extent helped me see that the Old Testament had much more to offer than I previously thought. I recommend it to anyone who has a desire to study the Old Testament more!

Great book that provides great doctrinal information

by  keaton  -   reviewed on  December 06, 2013

Skousen’s book “The First Two Thousand Years” helps the reader better understand the time period of the first two thousand years. A time period in which we aren’t provided with very much information doctrinally, seeing that there’re really isn’t very much given to us in the Bible. Skousen does a tremendous job of implementing modern revelation and other historical information to provide us with a better understand of this time period. Those who take the time to read this book will walk a way with a better understanding of the prophets and people that lived in this era. You will come to a better understanding of the creation and the origin of man. Skousen implements great knowledge, which he has gained through his thorough study of the scriptures, modern revelation and historical evidence. He helps the reader gain a greater knowledge of this time period thus aiding the reader in growing in greater understanding and testimony. Anyone looking for a good gospel read should take the time to read this book. It will provide with several new insights and questions that will lead you to great personal growth of your faith and testimony.

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