Franklin Edwards: Amazing Book of Mormon Adventures (Hardcover)

by James H. Fullmer


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Franklin Edward has a BIG imagination. Big enough to take him just about anywhere—including back to ancient Book of Mormon times. But sometimes Franklin Edward’s heroic daydreams carry the adventurous boy a little too far from reality. It’s a good thing Mom and Dad understand. Parents and children alike will adore this delightful story about the power of imagination.

Product Details

  • Published:  September 2011
  • Pages:  32
  • Size:  7x10

About the Author

James H. Fullmer is the creator and illustrator of the landmark book Other Heroes of the Book of Mormon, as well as the bestselling LDS games Book of Mormon Battles and Warriors of the Promised Land. His work has been featured in Who’s Who in the Book of Mormon and Women of the Book of Mormon, and he continues to work on other projects celebrating the heroes of the scriptures. James teaches seminary in Fond du Lac, WI, where he lives with his wife and four blond boys (who all bear a striking resemblance to Franklin).


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