Giving Up the Guilt (CD)

by Kim Gibbs


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One of the biggest obstacles to truly enjoying life is the debilitating feeling of guilt. Popular speaker and author Kim Gibbs says, “As women, we hobble our own happiness by feeling guilty about everything from taking time for ourselves, to saying ‘no,’ to falling short of perfection. No emotion weighs us down more heavily or reins us in more painfully than guilt.” In this inspiring talk, Kim discusses what guilt really is, the difference between true and false guilt, common causes of false guilt, why we hang on to guilt, the detrimental effects of guilt, and the sure-fire steps to overcoming guilt. There’s no reason to suffer needlessly under the heavy burden of guilt year after year. Learn how to give up the guilt and feel the lightness of spirit you long for and deserve.

About the Author

Worth Listening to Over and Over!

by  Wendy  -   reviewed on  February 26, 2011

Each time I listen to this talk I become more accepting of letting go of old, unhealthy guilt as Kim guides me through a sensible explanation of how inappropriately I have allowed needless guilt to perpetually define how I feel about myself. She teaches a tangible understanding of how to use the Atonement to not only release guilt but she helps us learn to redefine it the way the Lord meant it to be rather than allowing it to keep causing us to "beat our own bruises."


by  Customer  -   reviewed on  July 27, 2011

Although this CD is geared more towards women, i found it inspired and truely uplifting. Even some of us men suffer from guilt and try to bury or repress emotions that linger. Kim really helped me face up to, and overcome some subdued feelings that i had hoped would just disappear. This message powerfully added another element to my perspective on how to utilize the atonement, and allow Christ's helping hand more into my life.

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