Happy Like Jesus: Lessons From Jesus Christ On How to Live (Hardcover)

by D. Kelly Ogden


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President Gordon B. Hinckley was fond of saying, "Be believing. Be happy. Don't get discouraged. Things will work out." How could he, and all the other prophets and leaders of the Church, be so positive? Because they have the big picture. They know what is coming. Despite all the struggles, hardships, difficulties, ordeals, and even painful afflictions of this life, they know that the glorious cause of the kingdom of God will triumph. Triumph is just a little umph added to try. —Chapter 1, Be Happy

Through chapters such as "Be Happy," "Be Prayerful," "Be Loving," and "Be Forgiving," the author takes us on a tour of seventeen attributes of our Savior and gives us hope that we can emulate those aspects of His personality. Readers will find much to inspire them to live better lives, to understand the gospel of Jesus Christ better, and, by emulating His life, to become Happy like Jesus.

  1. Be Happy
  2. Be Holy
  3. Be Spiritually Minded
  4. Be Humble
  5. Be Knowledgeable
  6. Be Serviceable
  7. Be Prayerful
  8. Be Peaceful
  9. Be Fruitful
  10. Be Obedient
  11. Be Loving
  12. Be Forgiving
  13. Be Long-Suffering
  14. Be Persevering
  15. Be United
  16. Be Dedicated
  17. Be Disciplined
  18. Be Christlike
  19. Notes

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  • Size:  5½x8¼
  • Pages:  128
  • Published:  May 2011

About the Author

D. Kelly Ogden is a professor of ancient scripture at Brigham Young University. His doctoral work focused on the Hebrew language and historical geography of biblical lands. He has walked the length and breadth of the Holy Land and climbed Mount Sinai eighteen times. Dr. Ogden has written numerous books and articles on the Bible, especially during the fourteen years he lived in the Near East. He was associate director of the BYU Jerusalem Center and assisted in the preparation of the Latter-day Saint edition of the King James Bible. He has served as branch president in Jerusalem, mission president in Chile, Missionary Training Center president in Guatemala, and sealer in the Provo Utah Temple. He and his wife, Marcia Hammond Ogden, are the parents of four children.

Chapter Two

One day the guard in front of the Guatemala Missionary Training Center came in with a note to me as the MTC president. The note was from our next-door neighbor, a medical doctor, with his phone number and a request to call him. When I called, he said that the previous night his wife had been frightened with sounds of something striking the side of their house and their windows, and they were about to call the police. The doctor investigated and found about ten foreign coins. He realized that some of our elders were throwing coins at their house (for what reason, I can’t imagine).

The next day I gathered the elders and asked who had been throwing coins at the neighbor’s house. No one moved. I asked three times. Finally some hands started going up. I told them how I felt about having to go over to our neighbor and try to explain why some of our missionaries would be doing such an immature thing. They were ordained representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ and committed to behaving with quiet dignity. There is nothing dignified about tossing coins at the neighbor’s house!

It turned out to be a lesson in spiritual maturity. What is our ultimate goal? To get to the celestial kingdom? No, not just to get to a place. Rather, it is to become like Heavenly Father and our Savior, and the place will take care of itself.

Our Heavenly Father and our Savior are holy, and they expect us to become holy also. We can learn something profound from the book of Leviticus, the handbook of the Levitical priests who served former-day Saints in the Mosaic dispensation:

“Ye shall be holy; for I am holy” (11:44).
“Ye shall be holy: for I the Lord your God am holy” (19:2).
“Be ye holy: for I am the Lord your God” (20:7).
“Ye shall be holy unto me: for I the Lord am holy” (20:26).

The Lord clearly has great expectations for those who are called and set apart for his work.

The next day I received a note from one of the guilty missionaries. The note itself shows why I love these humble missionaries, who are learning and growing. The elder wrote (my translation):

“When you called us elders into the general meeting room because of the foolish thing we had done the night before, and then talked with us like a father, I felt pretty bad because I had disappointed not only my Heavenly Father but also you. Because of the sadness I felt last night when I went to bed, I cried half the night until I finally felt at peace. President, I love you and Hermana [Sister] Ogden as my father and mother. The feelings I have for you come from my heart, not just my lips. I wrote to my mother also about the foolish thing I had done, and as I wrote, tears fell on my letter to her.” Then he bore his testimony of Jesus Christ and how he loves and forgives.1

Our Redeemer has taught us how to be holy, and he has shown us the way.2 By immersing ourselves in his words and sincerely talking each day with our Heavenly Father, along with giving selfless service to our brothers and sisters and offering faithful service to God in his House, we can be holy—like Jesus.

Chapter Two

BE HOLY One day the guard in front of the Guatemala Missionary Training Center came in with a note to me as the MTC president. The note...

Chapter One

BE HAPPY Despite sadness around him—and sin, pride, disbelief, hatred, and jealousy—Jesus was a happy person. Wickedness never was...

by  Liz  -   reviewed on  September 04, 2011

What a powerful, life-changing text is packed into this little, unassuming package. I LOVE this book and find myself continually returning to it over and over for quotes to put on my walls and use in my Sunday School class. Simply-worded, this book is accessible to all ages and situations. It is sure to uplift and edify.

This Book has changed my life

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  August 05, 2011

I bought this book when I saw the cover. Little did I realize how much it would help me. This book covers the attributes Christ had that made him happy and how we can obtain them. I personally loved how the Mr. Ogden used his experiences from life as well as quotes from scriptures and from modern prophets to help anyone come to understand how to be truly Happy Like Jesus. I suggest picking this book up for anyone struggling to find real joy in their lives. The "Be Long-Suffering" section is my favorite. A great read for teens and adults alike.


by  Customer  -   reviewed on  October 20, 2011

This is the best book I have ever purchased and read from Deseret Book. It is uplifting, sweet, and an easy read. It truly embodies the spirit and life of our Savior.

Love this book!

by  Myda  -   reviewed on  September 23, 2011

This book is wonderful! It is a quick read. I cried numerous times when I realized certain things while reading this book. I have an even greater love for my Heavenly Father and brother, Jesus, as my mind & heart was opened to a better understanding and appreciation of my life. I recommend to everyone!

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