The Holy Ghost is Like a Blanket (Hardcover)

by Annalisa Hall, Corey Egbert (Illustrator)


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Your children don’t see the Holy Ghost, but that doesn’t mean they can’t feel his presence. With heart-warming illustrations, The Holy Ghost is Like a Blanket depicts characteristics of the Holy Ghost by comparing them to objects that children remember and relate to. These meaningful analogies will help your little ones recognize the Holy Ghost as a real influence in their lives.

Product Details

  • Published:  August 2013
  • Pages:  36
  • Size:  10" x 8"

About the Authors

LOVED this book!

by  Merrilee  -   reviewed on  August 13, 2013

I read this book to my grandchildren and they LOVED it. They even asked for it a week later when I saw them again. The analogies are absolutely beautiful and it led to us having a great conversation. It really helped explain a sometime abstract concept. Writing was terrific -- illustrations adorable. A MUST BUY!!

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