House of the Lord Pop-Up Book (Hardcover)

by Jason and Rebecca Rasmussen

$29.99 List Price
$9.99 Sale Price

Product Description

With simple text and three-dimensional pop-up illustrations, this first-of-a-kind book gives a history and explanation about the importance of the house of the Lord. It includes fourteen lavishly detailed pop-up pages featuring Solomon's Temple, the temple that Jesus Christ visited in Mesoamerica, the Kirtland Temple, the Nauvoo Temple, the Salt Lake Temple, and others. Supporting text accompanies the art that will help teach Latter-day Saint families the importance of temples. It is sure to become a family keepsake.

About the Author

Jason and Rebecca Rasmussen live in Pennsylvania where they and their two children enjoy creating art from paper. Together, they enjoy drawing, design, literature, and architecture.

What a great book!

by  Melissa  -   reviewed on  May 29, 2013

I am a primary chorister in our ward. I like to use this for nursery when we sing "I Love to See the Temple." It actually works great in getting through one verse. I tried it on the Junior Primary and a Sunbeam shouted, "Let's do it again!" This is a beautiful book and at this price it is a steal.


by  Customer  -   reviewed on  January 31, 2012

The craftsmanship in this very small book is very sloppy, with almost no detail . Would have gotten a very poor grade in my design class for such work. Photos are a much better option for portraying the impressiveness of Temples.

Poor Quality/Costs more to Return

by  Brittney  -   reviewed on  November 30, 2013

Our family bought this to give to the couple who invited us to Thanksgiving. When it arrived, several pieces were bent out of place or falling off completely. Awful quality of the actual laser cut temple structures. The book pages, cover and spine were sturdy and looked great. But, when I went to the post office to return it and it costs more to return it from Georgia than I paid for originally. So frustrating. Now I have a book I can't return or give away!! Glad the rest of my order was terrific.-Bummed about this book.

Every LDS home shoukd have this book

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  January 11, 2012

I love the amazing detail in the pop ups. Simple but clear text. This would be a great baptism, wedding, or truly meaningful book for every LDS family. A mom and grandma

Gorgeous book!!!

by  Kaylee  -   reviewed on  January 31, 2012

We received this as a gift, and were so trilled with it!! My children (ages 3-11) all loved it, and even the littlest were able to handle it safely. (I was worried the pop-ups would be too delicate, but they seem very sturdy.) I was impressed by the beauty of the designs, and the simple explanations that seemed to capture the spirit of the temple. Everyone I have shared this with has been delighted by the book. I recommend it 100% to everyone!


by  Customer  -   reviewed on  January 23, 2012

this is a great book. I will recommend it to all my friends for wedding gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts even Valentines day gifts.

Absolutely Amazing!

by  Mike  -   reviewed on  February 01, 2012

I couldn't believe how amazing this book was. The detail int he pop-ups was incredible. I would have thought that producing something like this would have been to expensive for the LDS market, but I am pleasantly surprised. My kids love it. It is definitely a high impact gift, and will be one we will be enjoying for years.

A family treasure

by  Marci  -   reviewed on  February 01, 2012

We received this book as a gift for our family. It is a beautiful book with straightforward text as introduction to the temple, with simple yet elegant representations of the temple. The pop-ups have been sturdy enough to withstand the handling of my young children. We have really enjoyed noticing the littlest details - such as the turning plates, the married couple within the home, and the descending Savior. This will be a family treasure as we continue to teach our kids about the temple.

Thoroughly impressive!

by  Christine  -   reviewed on  February 03, 2012

As a homeschooling mother of five I am very selective with my book choices...and I LOVE this book! Not only does each page have a main temple pop up including historical information to educate and a scripture passage to inspire, but also a side fold out pop up with additional tid bits of interesting information. This fabulous book is sturdy, economical and pleasing to the eye, mind and heart! I'd love to see more from these authors!!!

Very Disappointed

by  Darrell   -   reviewed on  November 15, 2013

I would have taken it back, but it would have been pointless. It would ave cost me almost the saie price for gas. I never would have bought it if I had seen it before the purchase. The clerk told me it was the best by in the store. If they were giving them away, I wouldn't have taken it. If anyone wants mine, come and get it.

Wonderful family gift!

by  Sonja  -   reviewed on  March 19, 2013

When we saw this book at Deseret Book we were impressed with the amazing and intricate design and work. Truly a piece of fine art. The words accompanying each page were simple and we felt the Spirit in it. We purchased 10 for our children and their families, for a couple of our friends, and one for ourselves. Thank you.

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