How to Have Peace When You're Falling to Pieces (Paperback)

by Rebecca Rode


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"How can I have inner peace as a mother when I feel so stressed and scattered?" For mothers who feel they are constantly juggling multiple demands, How to Have Peace When You're Falling to Pieces is packed with uplifting stories, poems, quotes, and scriptures that instill fresh perspective on the work of a mother.

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Just what I needed this past week/month/15 years

by  Shanda  -   reviewed on  April 23, 2013

Reading How to Have Peace When You’re Falling to Pieces was just what I needed this past week/month/15 years. There were so many things I loved and appreciated about this book. If you are a mother or know a mother, finish reading this review, then go right out and buy a copy of this book. "Do you love motherhood? Your answer is probably mixed. Yes, we all enjoy being moms, but man, is it hard! We are stretched to the limit, more maxed-out than a credit card, and weary in body and soul. Ours is the work of angels, but it is work." (page 11) I love that Rebecca addresses the issue of guilt early on in the book. It’s a serious issue that so many mothers struggle with, myself included. When I get my hands on a hardcopy, “Chapter 2: How to Win When You Just Can’t Win” is going to be the most underlined section of the book, followed closely by the chapter about perfectionism. "Moms have only one supervisor: ourselves. So we make up for that by becoming our own worst critics. We correct and cross-check and second-guess ourselves until we can’t see straight." (page 14) I loved the visual comparison of the things holding us back to barnacles on a ship. I loved the idea of a “Judgement Free Zone” where there are “No critics allowed.” I loved the spin she put on “How Not to Make Everything Work” in Chapter 12. I loved her conversational, comfortable writing style, like reading an encouraging email from a friend. I loved the examples and quotes from poems, prophets and scriptures shared throughout the book. I loved the The Motherhood Quiz at the end. (After 15 years of mothering, I Aced that thing. Which means I sound a lot more like my mom than I thought.) "Even on the best days, those have-it-all-together days, we still have to admit that perfection is painfully far away." (page 21) I highly recommend How to Have Peace When You’re Falling to Pieces. I read the book straight through and look forward to going back to read certain sections when I need a boost or a reminder. I’m pretty sure every mother I know can relate to the thoughts, feelings, and experiences Rebecca shares. I don’t usually give star ratings on my LDSWBR reviews, but this one gets 5 stars from me. Review originally published on LDS Women's Book Review (


by  Shauna  -   reviewed on  April 17, 2013

This book is SO GOOD! This is a book you need to read...and then ponder...then read...and and ponder..and then when you have finished the book you need to start again and read and ponder some more...there is so much AMAZING INFORMATION and HELPFUL IDEAS you just can't get it all the first time :) I so wish I had know more of this when I was a mother of younger children. But the beauty of motherhood is that it is never too late. I can still teach my children and I can still put into practice these wonderful ideas.... And I can have Peace even when I feel that I am falling to Pieces :) I LOVED the puzzle pieces concept: Puzzle Piece #1 - Be a Mother of Purpose Puzzle Piece #2 - Be a Mother of Skill Puzzle Piece #3 - Be a Mother of Work Puzzle Piece #4 - Be a Mother of Faith Puzzle Piece #5 - Be a Mother of Wisdom Puzzle Piece #6 - Be a Mother of Joy Puzzle Piece #7 - Be a Mother of Peace DON'T WORRY - SHE TEACHES YOU HOW!

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