Hymnplicity Ward Choir Songbook, Book 3 (Songbook, Softcover)

by Brent Jorgensen


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Here is the perfect answer for a less-confident choir and/or with a tight ward choir budget: Choral arrangements for ward choir and piano accompaniment. Only two copies are needed, because the choir sings from the 1985 hymnal.

Found in the back of the book are simple “Road Map” pages, which may be photocopied, instruct the choir's use of the hymn book. Conductor and the pianist work directly from the score, leading the choir through piano interludes and key changes not written in the hymnal.

Hymns included in this volume:

Because I Have Been Given Much

Lord I Would Follow Thee

Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd

Help Me to Teach with Inspiration

We Love Thy House O God

As Sisters in Zion

I Have Work Enough to Do

God Be With You Till We Meet Again

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