Jane Manning James: Your Sister in the Gospel (DVD Video)

by Scott Freebairn


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From the producer and co-director of John Bytheway's Standards Night Live, comes this wonderful documentary portrait of the Mormon pioneer Jane Elizabeth Manning James.

As new Mormon converts, Jane Manning and her family traveled eight hundred miles on foot towards the gathering place of the Latter-day Saints — Nauvoo, llinois. Jane later wrote: "We walked until our shoes were worn out, and our feet became sore and cracked open and bled until you could see the whole print of our feet with blood on the ground. We stopped and united in prayer to the Lord; we asked God the Eternal Father to heal our feet. Our prayers were answered and our feet were healed forthwith."

Throughout her life, Jane as a pilgrim seeking sacred places, whether it was a city or a temple. She was also an important pioneer in the Western migration, one of the new free born African Americans to make the trek. Jane Manning James: Your Sister in the Gospel shares Jane's example of faith and courage through rare photographs, Jane's own words, and the candid perceptions of three women who have portrayed her on stage and drawn inspiration from her remarkable life.

Based on the book series Standing on the Promises by Margaret Blair Young and Darius Aidan Gray, Jane Manning James: Your Sister in the Gospel is a faith promoting exploration into the life of this amazing woman.

About the Author

Scott Freebairn grew up loving ‘The Movies.’ Among his favorite building blocks as a child turned out to be motion picture film cores left over from his grandmother’s work. He graduated in 1984 from Brigham Young University with a BA in Communications, after which Scott began a six-year association with Bonneville Communications, where he rose to post production supervisor and producer. He next joined Video West Productions as a film oriented-producer, director and writer for national and regional television commercials, as well as for numerous TV program and corporate/industrial applications. In 2002, Scott started his own production company, Freebairn Entertainment Company/Hey You Pictures; and is associated with Digital Bytes, a production and design house. In addition to this wonderful documentary portrait on Jane Manning James, he also recently completed a live video production on DVD featuring well known youth speaker John Bytheway, called Heroes, Lessons from the Book of Mormon, filmed at the Hale Centre Theatre. Scott and his wife Doris live with their two children in Layton, UT.


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