Jesus Wept: Understanding and Enduring Loss (Paperback)

by Joyce Ashton, Dennis Ashton


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Jesus Wept is carefully designed from an LDS perspective to help people through not only the loss of a loved one, but through the many trials we all face throughout our lives. The authors tenderly share insights and techniques of how to cope with such difficulties as:

  • Infertility and miscarriage
  • The loss of a child
  • Murder or suicide within the family
  • Illness and disability
  • Loss of employment
  • Financial difficulties
  • Marital discord and divorce
  • Same gender attraction
  • Raising rebellious children
  • Abuse
  • Empty Nest Syndrome
  • Unable to find a mate

Product Details

  • Published:  January 2002
  • Pages:  247
  • Size:  6" x 9"

About the Authors

Joyce Ashton has devoted her professional life to helping ease the burdens of the grief-stricken and heavy-hearted. Joyce is a nurse and certified grief counselor.

Dennis Ashton has worked with LDS Family Services for 25 years and currently serves as Assistant Commissioner.


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