Journal of Discourses (Hardcover Books, Boxed Set)

by George Watt (Editor)


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The set has been photo-reproduced, and there have been no alterations, deletions, or additions to the text. All errors printed in the original Journal of Discourses have been maintained. The index is also included with the set.

About the Author

The wonderful gift that is the Journal of Discourses is an inspired work, which lends tremendous insight into early church history and the dealings of God with man in the last days.

by  Wade  -   reviewed on  January 08, 2008

The Journal of Discourses is a singularly wonderful insight into early church history. Its contents have at once the ability to stretch the most learned minds, contemplate and explore the vastness of the kindom of God, and touch on the simplicity of living ordinary lives as members of the church. Brigham Young and other early leaders of the church were truley inspired. One cannot read these books without comming to the conclusion that there is a God in Heaven, and He loves us.

Great collection!

by  Travis  -   reviewed on  October 02, 2008

Besides the standard works, seems to be one of the most quoted resourses on gospel subjects in other books and talks.

A Gospel Library Must!

by  Rexford  -   reviewed on  February 09, 2011

This series is so interesting! Just in the first few discourses, I have gained additional understanding as you hear from both Prophets and Apostles. You can not afford to not have this wisdom!

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