LDSLiving Presents Greatest LDS Songs of All Time (CD)

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LDS Living Presents: The Greatest LDS Songs of All Time features song selections from the results of a survey of the most popular LDS songs ever released. This collection spotlights LDS musicians, artists, and songwriters whose popularity and resonance with audiences can be remembered by the powerful songs they’ve written and performed.

  • A Child's Prayer (featuring Allyse Smith) - Janice Kapp Perry
  • His Hands - Kenneth Cope
  • I Heard Him Come(featuring Alex Boye) - Jeff Goodrich
  • You're Not Alone(featuring John Canaan) - Michael McLean
  • He Hears Me - Hilary Weeks
  • Consider the Lilies - Roger Hoffman
  • Line Upon Line - from Saturday's Warrior
  • I was Not His Father, He Was Mine - from The Forgotten Carols
  • No Ordinary Man(featuring Jenny Jordan Frogley) - Janice Kapp Perry
  • A Window to His Love - Julie De Azevedo
  • Angel Lullaby - from My Turn on Earth
  • The Greatest Gift - Afterglow
  • The Olive Tree - Felicia Sorensen
  • I Never Stand Alone - from From Cumorah's Hill
  • It Passes All My Understanding - Cherie Call

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About the Author

LDS Living complements your lifestyle, bringing you a values-based perspective and great ideas for enjoying life.

Not original recordings of these timeless songs!

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  January 28, 2013

So happy to see some of the timeless inspirational songs which were the soundtrack for my youth, but saddened in the choice of the arrangements included. Many of these are not the original recordings that I knew and loved.

Different than I expected

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  February 21, 2013

I was excited that someone had compiled all of my favorites into one CD. I was expecting to hear the original artists doing the same arrangements that made them my favorites to begin with. I was disappointed that the arrangements were done differently and by different artists.

Great cd with a lot of favorites!

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  March 06, 2013

I absolutely love this cd! I love to listen to these songs anytime of day, any day of the week to welcome the Spirit into our home. My family enjoys listening to these all time favorites.

Not quite what I was hoping for

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  January 20, 2013

Although the songs are great, I was disappointed that more than one song was a different arrangement/singer than the version I knew and loved.

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