Lengthen Your Stride: The Presidency of Spencer W Kimball (Hardcover )

by Edward L. Kimball


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The sequel to one of the bestselling LDS biographies of all time! While the previous biography primarily covered President Spencer W. Kimball's youth and his service in the Quorum of the Twelve, this intimate portrait written by his son focuses exclusively on the many dramatic events that occurred during President Kimball's twelve years as Church president.

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Fascinating insight

by  Gary Boatright  -   reviewed on  September 25, 2008

I was a kid when President Kimball was the President of the Church. I frequently heard people in my ward reminince about President Kimball and the years he was President. This book helped me to understand why so many members of the Church remember and cherish the years that President Kimball was the Prophet. I suggested everyone should read this book to understand how President Kimball has influenced their own lives.


by  melodie  -   reviewed on  September 15, 2010

I liked his first biography better but this one was good as well. One really has to be interested in every detail of his presidency to love this all the way through. I found that it was too many uninteresting details but my husband loved every word and wanted more.

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