Mattie (Paperback)

by M. Ann Rohrer


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Follow Mattie in her quest to find faith and love on the eve of the Mexican Revolution. After experiencing insurmountable trials, including escaping a killer and calling off her wedding, Mattie's faith in God is shaken. In the throes of bitter disappointment, dark despair, and agonizing heartbreak, Mattie emerges a woman of faith. Recognizing God's hand, she experiences peace, happiness, and enduring love.

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by  Shauna  -   reviewed on  April 11, 2013

Mattie is an amazing woman! I can't even imagine all that she endured. What strength she had! What determination! I so enjoyed learning more about the Mexican Revolution through the eyes of someone who was there. I really LOVED the part that said: "Life returned to normal, as normal as a life gets with a husband on the run in the middle of a war. And political unrest had heightened, hanging over Colonia Juarez like a guillotine, Still, meals had to be prepared, the wash done, butter churned, the mending, and of course, tolerating impertinent visitors." I highly recommend this book :)

Inspiration, enjoyable read

by  Ron  -   reviewed on  April 14, 2013

I enjoyed reading about the Mormon colonies in Mexico during the Mexican Revolution. I especially liked the "Facts" in the back for each chapter to know what part of this historical fiction was true. I was surprised by how many of the nail-biting stories were based on true stories. The faith promoting theme was nicely woven into the story as a subtle fact of life for a family living through extreme hardship.

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