Memories of My Baptism (Boy) (Hardcover )

by Covenant Communications (Publisher)


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At last, a beautiful baptism journal that is both attractive and inexpensive. Space is provided for children to record things they want to remember about this special day, with lots of room for testimonies, messages from friends and family, documents, and photographs. Children can also include information on their home and family, and Primary and Church leaders that might otherwise be lost with the passage of years. Features delightful illustrations by Val Chadwick Bagley. Additionally, the child's photo can be placed on the cover.

About the Author

COVENANT COMMUNICATIONS is an independent publisher of novels, nonfiction, music and spoken audio.

Great Content, Poor design

by  Petula  -   reviewed on  February 23, 2008

This book has great content, however the illustrations and lack of colour are very much disappointing. It seems outdated in design and lacks visual stimulation for an 8 year old...


by  sarah  -   reviewed on  October 02, 2008

You will never regret getting this book and your kids really will look back on it fondly.


by  Customer  -   reviewed on  October 06, 2013

Helps preserve memories beginning with family information and preparation for baptism to memories of that special day. Highly recommend.

Great Gift Idea too!

by  Liesl  -   reviewed on  July 26, 2014

We have enjoyed giving this book to our sons for their baptisms, and have also appreciated it and its counterpart for girls as a perfect gift idea especially for family living far away. We generally buy a few of these books at a time, and when a loved one's baptism is getting near, pop it into the mail about a month before so that the child and parents will have time to begin filling out the information, family tree stats and locating a picture or two. On the day of the baptism it records those in attendance, the child's personal feelings, as well as thoughts and testimonies from special people in the child's life. There is also a journal in the back to encourage journal writing as a natural step after baptism. My sons' favorite part of this book is the picture on the front. There's nothing like seeing your own face on a book to know that the book really does belong to you. It also reiterates the idea that baptism is personal, important and a covenant of your own choosing. We love this little book!

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