Midway to Heaven (Paperback)

by Dean Hughes


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What father ever thinks his little girl is ready to get married? Ned Stevens is convinced that his future son-in-law is too perfect. Athletic, good-looking, musical, spiritual . . . nobody could be that good. Ned is sure there's something fishy about this boy his daughter seems so crazy about. He just has to find out what it is before it's too late. But how far will he go to prove his point, particularly when he keeps hearing the voice of his deceased wife questioning his every move? This lighthearted romp by bestselling author Dean Hughes is the perfect blend of romance, comedy, poignancy, and just plain fun!

About the Author

DEAN HUGHES has published more than 100 books for readers of all ages, including the bestselling historical fiction series Children of the Promise. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Weber State University and master’s and PhD degrees from the University of Washington. He has taught English at Central Missouri State University and Brigham Young University. Dean and his wife, Kathleen Hurst Hughes, served a mission to Nauvoo, Illinois. They are the parents of three children and grandparents of nine.

fun, funny, love for your child

by  Dianna  -   reviewed on  January 29, 2011

midway to heaven is a fun novel to read. i started thinking it would not be a story i could put down. well i was wrong, this novel is a fun and funny story. a father whom loves his daughter and NO man will be good enough. a daughter whom is trying to help her father understand she is a woman who wants love. a young man whom tries hard to gain the trust and friendship of the father while falling in love with the daughter. yes, sounds cheesy but the story isn't. a truly fun read. i hope the movie is just as good as the novel.

Not worth the time.

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  April 12, 2012

This is not worth your time to read. I did not enjoy it and would never have finished reading it if it hadn't been a book for book club.

Loved this book - made me smile!

by  Melissa  -   reviewed on  May 24, 2013

I really enjoyed reading this book. Lots of fun laughter in this read. I've read it several times and gave it to several people as a gift that they too informed they loved reading!!!!

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