Miracle in the Pacific (Hardcover w/DVD)

The Polynesian Cultural Center

by Laura F. Willes


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Twirling knives of fire, coconut tree climbing, steamed pork fresh from the imu, and dancers as graceful and hypnotic as the ocean waves are all just small parts woven into the intricate tapestry that makes up the Polynesian Cultural Center. From its humble beginnings in 1963 as a way to preserve the many Polynesian cultures and provide employment opportunities for university students living in La'ie, the PCC has grown to be one of the top paid attractions in the islands today.

As a stunning, photo-rich volume commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Center in 2013, Miracle in the Pacific is a luau for the eyes. This beautiful keepsake book celebrates the Center's remarkable history and its inspired mission to preserve the best of Polynesia. It shares stories about the vision and determination that has made the Polynesian Cultural Center not only a world-renowned tourist experience but also perhaps the most famous example of the Hawaiian spirit of aloha.

Includes bonus DVD, Rainbows of Paradise, featuring the Polynesian Cultural Center's colorful canoe pageant. Please note: There is NO video content in the eBook.

Bookshelf eBook users: Because of the large amount of content in this eBook, we recommend viewing in scroll mode for optimal results. Also the DVD only comes with the physical hardback book.

About the Author

Laura Fayone Willes, a Salt Lake City native, holds a degree in American Studies from the University of Minnesota. She has published three previous books, Minnesota Mormons, Community of Faith, and Christmas with the Prophets. She and her husband, Mark, served a full-time mission while he presided over the Hawai’i Honolulu Mission. They were associated with the PCC for thirteen years while he served on the board of directors. They are the parents of five children and grandparents of twenty.

"Loaded with historic photos, ...good research

by  Dave  -   reviewed on  November 18, 2012

The title works well with the information. Stunning research has been accomplished, which was very pleasing to me, with such a book,topic. As I checked into author's background, she is not coming in from the left wing...she has been there and lived the Mirable herself. My compliments on gathering the historic photos and applying names to same. Text is well written and seems to be accurate. A book worth owning.

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