Monday I Was a Monkey (Hardcover)

by Jennie McClain, Jennifer Eichelberger (Illustrator)


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Every day is a grand adventure when you use your imagination to be whatever you like. But what should a kid be on Sunday?

About the Authors

Jennie McClain lives in southeastern Idaho with her husband and
their many monkeys. The various activities involved with raising
monkeys keep Jennie busy most of the time. When she has time
for herself, she most enjoys getting lost in a good book. Jennie loves
cooking for friends and family, especially if someone else does the
dishes. She is happiest spending time with the people she loves, especially
her family.

Jennifer Eichelberger graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor of fine arts in illustration. She lives with her husband and little daughter in Utah, where they all act like monkeys half of the time. All three of them love bananas.


by  Customer  -   reviewed on  November 22, 2011

My son is 2 years old. We have been working on teaching him to be calm and reverent at church (a difficult task). This book has been a great help. We read it every night at bed, he loves the animals! On Saturday night while we read we lay out his "best pants, shirt, shoes and tie", he knows in the morning we will be going to church. The only part I change is the ending I tell him he wears a tie just like daddy. We still struggle with being calm for a whole hour, however he folds him arms and walks soft. He even stopped the older kids the other day from running and told them "no running, walk church". I suggest this book to any mother who has a monkey just like mine!

Wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated!

by  Matt  -   reviewed on  September 12, 2011

"MONDAY I WAS A MONKEY: A "tail" of reverence" is a wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated childrens book! I look forward to sharing it with the kids and feel confident it will serve our family well as an ally in our efforts to teach and increase reverence. Thank you Jennie and Jennifer for sharing your talents and inspiration with us! This book is a wonderful addition to our library and one that we will enjoy for many years!

Fantastic book!

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  September 14, 2011

Love the colorful illustrations!

delightful book

by  liz  -   reviewed on  September 14, 2011

I purchased this children's book because my grandchildren were coming to visit. It has become their favorite bedtime story. We love the message and the pictures!!

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