The Mortal Messiah, Vol. 1: From Bethlehem to Calvary (Hardcover, Illustrated Edition)

by Bruce R. McConkie


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Come to a deeper understanding of the scope and meaning of Jesus Christ's ministry in Volume 1 of this highly readable and beautifully illustrated series. Through Elder McConkie's fluent writing style, you'll discover how every word the Savior spoke, every action He took, and even the timing of His experiences are wonderful parts of the Master's divine plan. Written by a man of God who was called as a special witness of Jesus Christ, The Mortal Messiah examines the mission, ministry, and accomplishments of our Savior. Beginning with the prophecies that were coming to pass as the Advent of the Messiah approached, and expanding on Jesus Christ's childhood, His baptism, and early ministry, this landmark Spirit-filled volume is worth reading more than once.

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  • Pages:  348
  • Size:  8" x 10¼"

About the Author

Excellent, insightful, inspired

by  Steven  -   reviewed on  August 11, 2009

No matter how you look at what was written here it was written with the power of the Holy Ghost and strikes at the heart of the Gospel. It is simple and clear and removes many of the mysteries and hidden things about the Old and New Testament and how they came to be, it answers many questions as to why Christ did things the way he did them even though he was perfect and had no need for mortal experiences and ordinances. Thank you for a Great Book....

Wonderful, Exceptional

by  Steven  -   reviewed on  February 22, 2011

It is a Beautiful look into the scriptures. It brings them to life and gave me an understanding that was not possible before I read it. The whole thing confirms and testifies of Christ and his Mission on Earth and in Heaven. A must have in every Christian household.

Beautiful Book

by  Paula  -   reviewed on  October 09, 2008

Elder McConkie is exceptional at giving us useful biblical background that lends to the ability to unlock the doctrines of the restoration as found in the New Testament. He has a wonderful ability to take that which is complicated and making it simple, yet profound. He is a gifted writer.

Not Much New Here

by  Dave  -   reviewed on  March 01, 2009

No offense to Elder McConkie, but I think this series adds very little to Talmage's single volume. I don't think the writing style is fluid--it seems overly embellished, and I have a hard time getting through it. The sheer size of this work implies that it should be seen as exhaustive and authoritative, but it seems little more than a rephrasing of the historical commentary provided by Farrar & co., coupled with Elder McConkie's emotional response to the events. You can read Geike, Dummelow, & Farrar, and a few of Elder McConkie's talks to get a better picture of where he is coming from.

Great Book, Beautiful, but errors

by  Rachelle  -   reviewed on  June 15, 2010

It is a wonderful edition of Mortal Messiah--beautiful paintings to compliment the narrative. But, in several places I have found typos. Some that are very small and do not hinder the meaning, but some that make the read very confusing--especially quotation typos. Speech marks are misplaced or missing in many areas. I do love this edition very much, though! Worth the $17

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