A Mother's Prayer (Paperback)

Inspiring True Stores to Warm the Heart

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The unique role of a mother is among the most noble of all of God's designs. Children's victories and defeats are a mother's own, and a mother's primary goal is to see her posterity thrive in this mortal experience. But when the trials of life threaten her loved one's well-being, where can she turn for peace?

Written by mothers, for mothers, this compilation of stories from some of the most beloved authors in LDS literature relates the cherished moments and life lessons learned through the ups and downs of motherhood. From the blessings of following spiritual promptings to the unparalleled strength of a mother's prayer, the personal experiences shared in this stirring collection offer hope and encouragement to mothers of all ages and stages. This celebration of the valor of motherhood will inspire, uplift, and encourage readers to rely on the incomparable power of our Father in Heaven as they care for their families.

Contributors include:

  • Jean Holbrook Mathews
  • Margot Hovley
  • Jodi Marie Robinson
  • Michele Ashman Bell
  • Sandra Grey
  • Karen Tuft
  • Stephanie Dibb Sorensen
  • Susan Easton Black
  • Josi S. Kilpack
  • Jeri Gilchrist
  • Toni Sorenson
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    • Size:  6" x 9"
    • Pages:  88

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