My Rules (CD)

by Various


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Positive music can inspire, heal, uplift, and enlighten. These fourteen contemporary pop, rock, and hip-hop tracks will encourage and energize youth while reinforcing wholesome values — the RULES by which we should live for a happier, healthier, and more successful life. Featuring the vocal talents of David Osmond, Aaron Edson, Craig Clifford, Jarrett Burns, Karsten Longhurst, Jason Salmond, Austin Jones, and Royce, these joyful tracks offer insights that will assist anyone in living more hopefully, purposefully, and honorably.

  1. My Rules (Aaron Edson)
  2. Everything Will Go My Way (Jarrett Burns)
  3. Clean (Aaron Edson)
  4. Kind of Kind (David Osmond)
  5. The Home of the Brave (Aaron Edson)
  6. Help Me Help You (Karsten Longhurst, Jason Salmond & Aaron Edson)
  7. Thrifty Kind of Guy (Craig Clifford)
  8. Trust Me (Aaron Edson)
  9. Followin' a Leader (Royce)
  10. I Gave My Word (Aaron Edson)
  11. Make a Man a Man (Austin Jones)
  12. We Could Be Friends (Jarrett Burns & Aaron Edson)
  13. Something Sacred (Aaron Edson)
  14. BONUS: My Rules-Techno Mix (Aaron Edson)

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