The Nativity (Hardcover)

by J. Kirk Richards


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Accompanied by the beautiful text of the Gospels, seventeen fine art pieces by award-winning artist J. Kirk Richards tell the timeless story of the birth of Christ. Each of the images, created especially for this book, depict the nativity in a rich palette of deep reds and earth tones, accentuated with metallic gold. More than seven years in the making, these exquisite paintings reflect a deep reverence for the Savior and wonder at His birth. Each page is meticulously designed with text from the scriptures to complement the stunning illustrations. A perfect reminder of the true meaning of Christmas, this handsome volume will be treasured by the entire family for years to come.

About the Author

Figurative artist J. Kirk Richards is known for his accomplishments as a painter of Judeo-Christian subject matter. While not all of his work is overtly religious, the majority of his themes stem from spiritual ideas and narratives. His paintings exhibit a love for the human figure, use of symbolism, and an emphasis on lyric composition. His original paintings can be found in private and public collections across the country.

A Beautiful Addition to my Family's Christmas Tradition

by  Robin  -   reviewed on  January 01, 2015

The artwork of J. Kirk Richards is breathtaking! The book is gorgeously put together with the Christmas story and Richards' artwork. It has made a beautiful addition to my family's Christmas tradition.

A Beautiful Book!

by  Launa  -   reviewed on  November 06, 2012

I love the art of J Kirk Richards and am fortunate enough to have 2 orginals as well as 3 signed copies. I also have 2 other books that he has written. If you love beautiful art that conveys stong feelings you will love this book!

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