Parent Pep Talks (Paperback)

The 10 Mental Skills Your Child Must Have to Succeed in School, Sports, and Life

by Justin Su'a


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What do NFL stars, high-powered businessmen, and Olympic athletes have in common? In tough situations, they all turn to performance consultant Justin Su'a to motivate and mentally prepare them to improve their A-game, and now parents can do the same! This series of pep talks for children and adolescents helps parents find just the right words for every instance of disappointment, failed confidence, or lack of motivation that their children may experience. Teach your kids to be resilient, balanced, and gracious people with these tested parenting principles.

Product Details

  • Published:  August 2013
  • Pages:  128
  • Size:  6" x 9"

About the Author

Justin Su’a was an All-American pitcher for the BYU baseball team and a religious educator for
CES. He enjoys teaching members of the Church throughout the country as a teacher and session
director for EFY, a speaker for the Best of EFY, and a presenter at BYU’s Education Week. He and
his wife, Melissa, have three children.


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