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by Covenant Communications


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A true story of conflict and compassion, Redemption follows the saga of Henry Heath, a lawman on the western frontier in 1862. After the grieving sheriff buries his only child, he learns that Jean Baptiste, an impoverished French immigrant, has been robbing the graves of the recently deceased. Torn between duty, outrage, and guilt about his own past, Heath becomes Baptiste’s only defense against the bloodthirsty contempt of the community and the brutal isolation of the inhospitable Antelope Island where Baptiste has been exiled. Through his reluctant service, Heath is forced to examine his own beliefs about mercy, justice, and redemption. Can Heath show compassion and forgiveness toward the man who seems the least deserving of Christian love?

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  • Running Time:  Approx. 105 minutes
  • Rating:  PG
  • Region:  All Regions

About the Author

COVENANT COMMUNICATIONS is an independent publisher of novels, nonfiction, music and spoken audio.

a very slow movie

by  mary  -   reviewed on  November 15, 2012

This movie was less than what I had thought it would be. I was disappointed. It was interesting knowing some history about the Salt Lake City Cemetary, but it really wasn't enough to sit through an entire movie. I am generously giving it a 2 star rating.


by  Kimberly  -   reviewed on  November 15, 2012

This movie does not leave you feeling good. I gave my copy back to the store. It is very disturbing and violent. I'd leave it on the shelf.

Prepare to Be in Awe

by  Glen & Ann  -   reviewed on  July 31, 2012

So rare is it that a movie comes about which, when it's over, leaves you emotionally laid out, stunned, unable to move. This is one. It further delighted me that this precious gem of a movie experience came from Covenant Communications. As you watch this DVD, you may begin to be aware that you are being lifted from one nuance to another, some of them poignant, and that you don't want to breath till it's all over. This is one that I dearly hope they decide to make available in Blu-Ray.

Amazing story of forgiveness

by  Mike  -   reviewed on  February 01, 2013

Forgiveness is hard, sometimes one of the hardest things we experience here on earth. It can be so hard to forgive those who have wronged us or loved ones horribly. This incredible story has it's dark moments, but the core of the story is about mercy, forgiveness, service, compassion and integrity. Admitted, I don't find it suitable for young ones. Many stories need to be told, this one might be best for more mature years. Some find this movie too dark. My response would be that much of early church history is also dark but like with it, we can see the good that triumphed in the face of adversity.

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