Remembering Joseph: Personal Recollections of Those Who Know the Prophet Joseph Smith (Hardcover)

by Mark L. McConkie (Compiler)


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Anyone interested in Joseph Smith will be fascinated by Remembering Joseph, the most complete collection ever of stories from the Prophet's family, friends, acquaintances — even his enemies. Organized topically, the stories treat a wide variety of subjects: the character of Joseph Smith, the doctrines he taught, the gifts of the Spirit he enjoyed, important events in his life, and many others. A great number of these stories have not previously been published. As an added bonus, included with the book is a searchable CD-ROM with all the stories from the book and hundreds of others as well. A great resource on the Prophet's life, from the perspective of those who saw him live it.

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  • Published:  October 2003
  • Pages:  512

About the Author

Special Treasury of Joseph Smith Stories

by  Customer  -   reviewed on  January 29, 2004

Mark McConkie has created a vast treasury of intimate views of the Prophet Joseph Smith. The sheer volume of material handled in the book and in the bonus CD is incredible. While some accounts included in this book have been previously published, there are so many that have never been published before or are not easily accessible at this time. This is truly a treasured volume for anyone interested in the Prophet Joseph Smith. Through this book one can come to know 'Brother Joseph' better than they have before. Three cheers and congratulations to Mark McConkie for adding such a valuable treasure trove at our finger tips. This book is a necessity for any serious Latter-day Saint's library.

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