The Savior in Kirtland (Paperback)

Personal Accounts of Divine Manifestations

by Karl Ricks Anderson


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Church history is filled with amazing stories of courage and divine inspiration, but often we skip over the profound events that happened to the Saints in Kirtland, Ohio. In this volume, author Karl Ricks Anderson brings to light unparalleled events and divine manifestations that were given during those early years of the Restoration. In Kirtland the Savior personally directed His Church and taught His Saints by appearing to at least twenty-three Church leaders or by speaking to them. Brother Anderson points out that more first-person words of the Lord have gone out to the world from Kirtland than from any other location in the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It was in Kirtland that Jesus Christ taught the world about His mission of the Atonement, the premortal and the postmortal worlds, and the structure of the Church. It was there He commanded that the first latter-day temple be built. And it was in the Kirtland Temple that the Lord began to restore sacred ordinances for the salvation of His children.

The Savior's visits to Kirtland fulfilled millennia of promises from the Old and New Testaments as well as from the Book of Mormon. The story of Kirtland is a story of Christ — the two can never be separated.

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  • Published:  09/2012

About the Author

Karl Ricks Anderson, a well-known historian of Kirtland, was actively in the restoration of Historic Kirtland. He lives in northern Ohio, where for more than twenty-five years he has coordinated and taught in the institute and seminary programs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Now serving in the Church as a patriarch, he was previously a stake president and regional representative of the Twelve. He and his wife, Joyce Hirschi Anderson, are the parents of seven children and grandparents of twenty-eight.


In 1820 our Heavenly Father introduced Jesus Christ to the Prophet Joseph Smith with the command, “Hear Him!”1 From that glorious beginning the Savior has been the center and focus of our religion. In 1831, Christ declared that there would be “no eye that shall not see, neither ear that shall not hear” His voice.2 Through the following pages of The Savior in Kirtland, my hope is that the reader will see the Savior and hear His voice with greater clarity by looking at the Restoration through the lens of Christ. In no other place during the early years of the Restoration was this lens so focused as in Kirtland, Ohio.

Through inspiration, Joseph Smith designated the land of Kirtland as Shinehah.3 The Lord told Abraham that Shinehah meant “the sun.”4 As rays of the sun give light and life to the world, so also did the rays of gospel light emanating from Kirtland give light and even eternal life to the world’s inhabitants. Not only did the sun dawn upon the world from Kirtland but through Elijah it also illuminated the eternal world. The source of that light is Jesus Christ—the light and life of the world. The Lord declared in Kirtland that He is even “the light of the sun, and the power thereof by which it was made” (D&C 88:7).

Kirtland, land of “the sun,” was also the land of the Son, our Savior. He prepared the land, gathered His followers, and protected them from the adversary. In Kirtland the Savior promised His Saints, “I will appear unto my servants, and speak unto them with mine own voice.”5 He appeared in vision or spoke to more than twenty-three of His servants there. More first-person words of Christ have gone to the world from Kirtland than from any other location in history. Through His direct voice of revelation, Christ comprehensively taught the world about Himself, His mission of atonement, and the premortal and postmortal worlds. He structured His Church in Kirtland and called its leaders by personal revelation. He taught them in vision as well as through the Spirit. He commanded His poverty-stricken Saints to build His first temple in two thousand years. He showed them the pattern and then gave them the assistance and power to build it. In Kirtland the very heavens thundered many additional witnesses of Christ’s visions and voice. He sent angels, heavenly choirs, and divine messengers—who reflected His divinity and direction from heaven above—with keys and authority. Finally, He dispatched His latter-day messengers from Kirtland unto all nations in fulfillment of ancient prophecy. The Savior knew Kirtland well. The story of Kirtland is in reality a story of Christ. Kirtland and Christ can never be separated.


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Informative and powerful!!!

by  David  -   reviewed on  February 23, 2013

I purchased this book a few weeks ago and have enjoyed reading through it and cross referencing it with my scriptures and the Joseph Smith Papers website. Incredible information and several lists and charts that are incredibly simple to understand, yet very detailed. This book has peaked my interest in the Kirtland Era. I recommend this book! 5 Stars!

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