Scripture Study: Tools & Suggestions (Paperback)

by James E. Faulconer (Compiler)


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Cultivate your love for the scriptures and deepen your knowledge with the help of a scripture study process compiled by James E. Faulconer. Rich scripture study is facilitated by tools and techniques that help us focus on what the scriptures can teach us. This study aid offers pointers and suggestions that will familiarize students of the scriptures with many resources available to them, as well as help more experienced students improve the overall method and the purpose of outlining, an in-depth message of cross-referencing, how to ask cogent and thought-provoking questions about the scriptures, the benefits of using dictionaries and concordances, the relation between words and ideas apparent through rhetorical studies, and using the study tools he describes to show how research and pondering can make scripture study even more meaningful.

About the Author

One of those "best books" the scriptures encourage us to seek

by  blair  -   reviewed on  December 03, 2010

Of all the LDS books on Scripture study I've read, this little volume outweighs them all. The author does not outline easy ways to make sense of the scriptures. Instead, he helps encourage deep and meaningful study which views the scriptures as, above all, a call to the reader; not just a comfort but a challenge and invitation. The book will help refine the meaning of "ponder." It receives my highest recommendation.


by  Cassandra  -   reviewed on  November 21, 2008

I borrowed this book and I was not disappointed! I read my scriptures and I thought I was studying them in my own little way. This book opens up the the scriptures in a whole new way. He even gives you direction on teaching from the scriptures and giving talks. How to truly learn from the scriptures.


by  jennifer  -   reviewed on  November 10, 2007

Such a great book. it really helped me to find direction and understanding in the scriptures. Jennifer TN

Best book on scripture reading

by  Nanette  -   reviewed on  July 10, 2010

Other than actually reading the scriptures, this is one of the best books on scripture reading. It was THE book that fueled my scripture reading years ago and was THE springboard to reading more commentaries on the scriptures but MOST ESPECIALLY taught me to really read, I mean every word carefully, and study the scriptures such that it was the first thing I wanted to do when I woke up in the morning.

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