Second Rescue: The Story of the Spiritual Rescue of the Willie and Martin Handcart Pioneers (Bookshelf eBook)

by Susan Arrington Madsen


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Product Description

The story of the massive 1856 effort to rescue the Willie and Martin handcart companies is one of the most inspiring in Church history. Second Rescue is next chapter in the story of those same pioneers, who were stranded between time and eternity in their spiritual progression. Through inspiration and research 135 years later, priesthood leaders discovered that much of the temple work for these pioneers and their families had yet to be done. With permission from the First Presidency, in 1991 the Riverton Wyoming stake embarked on a labor of love to perform these temple ordinances. Members of the stake also raised money and built monuments at the various 1856 rescue sites. Countless blessings flowed from the efforts of those faithful Church members. This remarkable story will build faith and testimony of family history and temple work as well as of listening to the Spirit.

160 pages

About the Author

Susan Arrinton Madsen is author of several books. She and her husband, Dean, have four daughters and live in Hyde Park, Utah.

One of my all-time favorite books

by  Linda  -   reviewed on  June 17, 2003

This is an easy-read, incredible narrative of the experiences of the Riverton Wyoming Stake presidency and members in their mission to honor and discover the members of the Willie & Martin Handcart companies. I couldn't wait to travel to the sites myself...which I did. To my deep disappointment, it is no longer in print. I would gladly purchase at least 6 more copies to give as gifts.

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